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Bitcoin Gemini - Revue des traders sur le Crypto Trading Bot

Dans cet examen de Bitcoin Gemini, nous allons dévoiler un autre exemple de fraude qui utilise la popularité croissante des crypto-monnaies pour attirer les gens et prendre leur argent durement gagné. 

As cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly widespread, so is the number of people that scammers can con out of their money. And, many of those people are interested in the promise of a lucrative passive income that solid trading bots come with. Thus, it’s no surprise that one type of fraud that we often encounter in the crypto realm is the fake trading bot fraud. 

Devriez-vous utiliser Bitcoin Gemini ?

This is the type of fraud when scammers are trying to present a non-functional trading bot as a real one. What they’re really after, however, is the trading deposit you place. 

Et Bitcoin Gemini présente tous les signes habituels d'une telle escroquerie, that we’ve now seen many times already. 

Malheureusement, de nos jours, il existe pratiquement plus de robots de trading frauduleux que de véritables robots. Avec un tel nombre d'arnaques de robots de trading immoraux, il peut être assez difficile de choisir une solution de trading automatisé solide qui vous permettra de gagner un revenu passif régulier.

Hopefully, our review will not only expose another in the long line of trading bot cons, but you’ll also be able to learn how to recognize the telltale signs betraying a fake trading robot. In that way, you will hopefully be able to stay protected from the nasty scammers.

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Note globale

Bitcoin Gemini : Graphique des risques  

  • Ressemblance avec des crypto-arnaques similaires
  • Des promesses de gains irréalistes
  • Pas de véritable algorithme
  • Marketing non éthique
  • Conception web bon marché

Bitcoin Gemini Trading Bot : Qu'est-ce que c'est et pourquoi vous devriez rester à l'écart ?

Page d'enregistrement de Bitcoin Gemini

Pour être clair dès le départ : Bitcoin Gemini n'est pas un robot de trading. Il n'a rien à voir avec les cryptocurrencies ou toute autre question juridique. Bitcoin Gemini est une fraude, qui se fait passer pour une plateforme de crypto-monnaie. afin de soutirer de l'argent aux gens alors qu'ils pensent gagner de l'argent sur le marché des crypto-monnaies. Il s'agit d'une opération éhontée que nous suggérons d'éviter comme la peste.

Très probablement, le nom de ce robot de trading de crypto est créé pour faire allusion à l'échange Gemini, un célèbre échange et portefeuille de crypto-monnaies. 

Mais non, ce faux système de trading n'a rien à voir avec le dollar Gemini, le portefeuille Gemini, la carte de débit Gemini, ou même le trading d'actifs numériques sur une bourse de crypto-monnaies. La seule similitude est que Gemini et Bitcoin Gemini font tous deux partie de l'industrie des crypto-monnaies.

In other words, this is just a dirty way to attract attention and increase users’ confidence, who will surely connect Bitcoin Gemini to this reputable crypto exchange. But, you won’t find Gemini’s ActiveTrader platform here, you’ll just actively get conned. 

The trading robot scammers might be using many other crypto exchanges in the same way. As a rule, if it doesn’t look official, then it most likely isn’t connected to legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges.

As for the criminals who created Bitcoin Gemini, that’s the same dream team behind dozens of other similar scam crypto bots we have been warning about. It seems they’re constantly looking for new crypto investors to scam. Once their scheme is exposed, they simply change the name of the bot and begin their con anew.  

According to Bitcoin Gemini’s fake reviews, this is a trading platform that relies on “superior technology” for trading on most crypto exchanges. Allegedly, this technology is an AI-powered algorithm that can make users rich in only several days, without them doing anything. 
Les prévisions de bénéfices pour les transactions de crypto-monnaies de Bitcoin Gemini sont astronomiquement élevées, jusqu'à 98%. There’s no way that any bot can make that kind of moneydonc c'est évidemment un mensonge flagrant.

Utilisateurs ciblés par Bitcoin Gemini

Il semble que le principal public cible de ces criminels soit les personnes âgées et les retraités. De nombreuses critiques mentionnent que l'ouverture d'un compte sur Bitcoin Gemini "est la meilleure décision que vous puissiez prendre" si vous souhaitez gagner de l'argent même après votre retraite. 

Une autre cible est les chômeurs, avec de nombreuses critiques mentionnant également que Bitcoin Gemini peut également vous débarrasser du chômage. 

Quel que soit leur public cible, leur motivation est claire : ils visent les personnes confrontées à la pauvreté, à l'endettement ou à des difficultés financières similaires. En outre, ils visent les personnes qui n'ont pas vraiment d'expérience en matière d'informatique et de technologie. 

C'est une stratégie assez cruelle car what these con artists are basically doing is taking desperate people’s last penny. Et dans le même temps, ils se présentent comme des sauveurs qui fournissent aux gens ordinaires une technologie supérieure qui les rendra riches, le tout gratuitement.

Tous les mensonges racontés par Bitcoin Gemini : Revue de la plateforme web

Maintenant, avant d'en venir aux preuves qui soutiennent nos affirmations selon lesquelles Bitcoin Gemini est une arnaque, jetons d'abord un coup d'œil à ce que cette plateforme a à dire.

The team behind Bitcoin Gemini claims that their main goal was to enable everyone to take advantage of the developing crypto industry. They did this by creating a trading bot, which supposedly both makes crypto purchases and will sell crypto on the user’s behalf. 

Such bots are designed to be used by both inexperienced and advanced traders, as the bot’s automated nature can save plenty of time for all kinds of crypto investors.

As the crypto industry is very dynamic and volatile, it’s hard to keep track of the ever-changing market and the fluctuation in crypto prices. A good trading bot will trade crypto for you, leaving you with additional time to attend to other aspects of cryptocurrency investing. 

Of course, Bitcoin Gemini compares unfavorably to any decent trading bot, as all this one will do is transfer your money to the scammers’ pockets.

The minimum deposit required to launch the app is $250 and free fiat deposits are promised. The con artists claim this is the sum the bot needs in order to begin trading. However, that’s just another of their lies, as what will really happen is that les escrocs prendront le $250 et partiront. 

After that happens, you’ll never see them again. Not under the same name, at least.

In addition, we must also warn you not to leave any personal information on one of Bitcoin Gemini’s fake websites. If you do, the scammers will begin calling you incessantly, in order to persuade you to leave the deposit. They’ll say they’re doing this only to encourage you to do business with them, but in truth, they can’t wait to get their paws on your deposit. 

Another lie they’ve made is that the algorithm makes thousands of dollars of profit every day. As we said, allegedly, the Bitcoin Gemini’s algorithm predicts beneficial trades with 98% of accuracy and is much quicker than any other bot in the crypto world. But in truth, not only is it not quicker, but it doesn’t work at all.

Caractéristiques de Bitcoin Gemini

Les seules fonctionnalités offertes par Bitcoin Gemini sont les suivantes :

  • Commerce en direct
  • Mode démo
  • Assistance d'un courtier.

Un tel Le manque de fonctionnalités est plutôt étrange et constitue un autre signal d'alarme. pointing to the conclusion that we’re dealing with scam artists here. 

We’re used to solid trading bots offering a variety of features, such as mirror and paper trading, and portfolio management. Well, there’s none of that here. This is as barebones as trading bots come, indicating that there was very little effort put into Bitcoin Gemini.

The demo trading feature is potentially interesting, as it’s a pretty useful option for practicing trading strategies. 

This feature lets you trade in a simulated manner, and there’s no chance of losing real money. The software will calculate the gains and losses based on your trading decisions, providing you with the opportunity to learn and adapt your tactics in the future.

In theory, that sounds great, but the truth is, there’s no useful demo trading feature here. By the time you get to interact with it, your money will already be gone.

As for the brokers, there’s no mention of whether they’re licensed or not. 

As a rule, trading bots that don’t work with regulated brokers are best avoided. As all the transactions that a trading bot is involved with must be made through a broker, it’s important to be able to rely on a professional broker to handle this delicate task. 

Moreover, if there’s an issue with a transaction, you’ll want to be able to reach the broker quickly. And with unregulated brokers that are working practically on an amateur level, contacting them in a timely manner is often tricky.

There’s not even a working Bitcoin Gemini app. As people are frequently on the move throughout the day, mobile apps can be extremely helpful. In the year 2022, not presenting a functional mobile app for users is, frankly, ridiculous.

Pas de frais de transaction

Allegedly, using this trading system is free. Bitcoin Gemini charges are non-existent. There are no Bitcoin Gemini fees whatsoever, including the withdrawal fees. In fact, they’re promising that withdrawing crypto with Bitcoin Gemini is quick and easy, but that’s ironic, given that there won’t be anything to withdraw, ever. 

And while it’s true that transaction fees indeed do not exist, the scammers will compensate for this by stealing your $250 deposit, which you are encouraged to transfer from your digital wallet as soon as possible. Therefore, there’ll only be one “transaction fee” you’ll need to pay.

Needless to say, all of the scam crypto robots that we have reviewed say that they are the quickest and the most accurate bots on the planet. They’re always trying to convince us it’s precisely them that can trade crypto assets like no other automated trading software on the market. Sure, we believe you.

Un manque total de transparence de Bitcoin Gemini

What Bitcoin Gemini doesn’t tell us is who developed this wonderful algorithm, when, and do they have any sort of license for what they are doing. And there’s poor customer service support, probably the scammers themselves are replying to all queries.

Also, we don’t know the company’s country of origin, phone number, or address. Wondering why? Parce qu'il n'y a pas de société. 

Bitcoin Gemini n'est rien d'autre qu'un site web bon marché avec quelques pages d'atterrissage, dont le seul but est de manipuler les traders en crypto pour les inciter à faire un dépôt. 

Bien sûr, s'ils créent un compte Bitcoin Gemini, les utilisateurs finiront par perdre le dépôt, ainsi que leurs données personnelles, leur temps, leurs nerfs et leur dignité. C'est un plan plutôt immoral qu'ils ont ici.

Sécurité et licences de Bitcoin Gemini : existent-elles vraiment ?

Bitcoin Gemini couldn’t even afford a proper website. Why would they spend money on cybersecurity? Also, why bother obtaining licenses, developing algorithms, or even implementing a common two factor authentication? Who needs multi-factor authentication when you can simply rob people?

En d'autres termes, non, Bitcoin Gemini ne dispose d'aucun dispositif, protocole ou licence de sécurité. Une violation de la sécurité serait probable, si seulement il y avait une plateforme légitime à pénétrer en premier lieu. De plus, your personal data certainly won’t be safe with Bitcoin Gemini, as the scammers are most likely to sell it for additional profit. 

Commentaires des utilisateurs sur Bitcoin Gemini

At the moment, there aren’t any reliable sources of user feedback on Bitcoin Gemini. While trading bots most often have fake reviews posted on Trustpilot, this platform doesn’t even have a page on there. What’s more, at the time of writing, their website wasn’t working either. 

In any case, if this was such a superior solution for the world’s financial problems as Bitcoin Gemini maintains, there probably would be at least some crypto investors’ comments online. 

Like this, we don’t have any other choice but to believe that Bitcoin Gemini’s platform is just another Ponzi scheme that well deserves to be forgotten. The developers boast that a large number of crypto investors are using Bitcoin Gemini, but that’s an obvious exaggeration. 

Notre verdict final : Bitcoin Gemini est une arnaque !

Notre conclusion finale est que Bitcoin Gemini est certainement une fausse plateforme de trading de crypto-monnaies. There are so many alarming signs that it’s very hard to believe that this is anything but a filthy scam. If you’re interested in trading crypto with an automated solution – look elsewhere.

The “company” behind Bitcoin Gemini is secretive about important information such as the headquarters address, developing team, or contact number. 

Dans le même temps, la plateforme ne propose que plusieurs fonctionnalités et ressemble fortement à d'autres robots cryptographiques d'escroquerie dans la conception Web grossière et le mensonge juteux.

Par conséquent, nous concluons que Bitcoin Gemini n'est qu'une autre création d'un réseau international criminel. Ce réseau vole des millions de dollars chaque année, ruine la vie des gens et la réputation de l'industrie cryptographique, et ses membres seront, espérons-le, bientôt découverts et mis derrière les barreaux, là où ils doivent être.

FAQ sur Bitcoin Gemini

Qu'est-ce que Bitcoin Gemini ?

Just another fake trading bot. The con artists want you to place a $250 deposit. If you give them your personal info in the process of registering on their website, they’ll bug you endlessly with phone calls. They’ll want to convince you to place a deposit, but that’s just a dirty tactic to rid you of your hard-earned money.

Est-il sûr de négocier avec Bitcoin Gemini ?

No, on the contrary, using Bitcoin Gemini is quite dangerous, as it’s an operation run by professional con artists. 

Combien coûte l'utilisation de Bitcoin Gemini ?

Bitcoin Gemini’s trading fees are non-existent. However, the real cost of using this platform is putting your money and sensitive data at risk. 

Combien d'argent puis-je gagner avec Bitcoin Gemini ?

It is impossible to profit from Bitcoin Gemini because, in reality, it doesn’t even feature a trading algorithm for crypto investing. The entire platform was invented by criminals only to steal money and data. They’ll rob you of whatever deposit you place and then disappear.

Combien dois-je travailler pour profiter de Bitcoin Gemini ?

There is no way to make a profit on Bitcoin Gemini. Regardless of your effort, this will be a failed crypto investment for all users who are unfortunate enough to get caught in the scammers’ trap. The best thing you can do for yourself is to never make an account on this platform.

Quels sont les signes indiquant que Bitcoin Gemini est un faux robot de trading ?

There are many of them. These are the kind of telltale signs that are very suspicious, but you can’t say they’re hard evidence on their own. However, when you encounter so many of them, there’s no room for doubt. For instance, there’s no phone number or address listed, the website looks quickly put together, there are many false claims that the scammers have made, etc. 

What’s the connection between Bitcoin Gemini and the famous cryptocurrency exchange also named Gemini?

Apart from both being associated with crypto, none whatsoever. There’s no buying or selling crypto here, it’s not a crypto exchange, nor is it affiliated with any other crypto exchanges. It’s just a dirty trick made in order to attract more users.

Bitcoin Gemini est-il une arnaque ?

Yes, as we’ve shown in our Bitcoin Gemini review, this is certainly a scam. Users are highly advised not to use this platform, as all you’ll do is end up losing your money.