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1k Daily Profit – crypto trading bot review by traders

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1k Daily Profit review


1k Daily Profit promises high returns with little effort and no risk
There is no evidence of any real trading taking place;
The website contains false testimonies from supposed satisfied customers who never existed in the first place
Users have reported losing their entire deposits when trying out the system
The software has been proven by independent researchers to be nothing more than an elaborate scheme designed to steal money from unsuspecting victims
It has received numerous negative reviews online



  • there aren’t any


  • Members of a rogue affiliate network
  • Poor customer reviews
  • The websites contain contradicting and false information
  • There is no underlying algorithm
  • Evidence of personal data misuse

Key takeways

  1. The 1K Daily Profit system does not use any legitimate trading algorithms or strategies, instead relying on false advertising and empty promises of guaranteed returns.
  2. The creators of the system have no verifiable credentials in the field of finance or cryptocurrency trading, making them unreliable sources for advice.
  3. It's impossible to withdraw funds from your account with this system; you will be asked for more money before you can access your earnings.
  4. Users should never provide personal information such as banking details when signing up for an online service like 1K Daily Profit as they may be used fraudulently by malicious actors.
  5. 1k Daily Profit is flagged as potentially fraudulent scam crypto-trading bot


Full review 1k Daily Profit

What is 1k daily profit, anyways? Are these trading bots legit or a scam? Stay tuned, we will investigate all the details regarding this trading bot in the article in front of you.

During the last economic recession in 2009, the world’s first cryptocurrency was invented. It was Bitcoin, and nobody could have guessed it would change the world of finance forever. 

Today, Bitcoin is only one out of eight thousand cryptocurrencies, and new cryptos are created almost every day. According to Allied Market Research, the crypto industry’s net worth in 2020 was over $1.49 billion. In addition, it is also one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

The dazzling success of the crypto industry attracts a lot of people, willing to invest their money in order to profit from cryptocurrencies. Moreover, people who are new to crypto often look for bots trading crypto, as these bots can help them trade more easily and efficiently.

Unfortunately, the crypto industry attracts scammers as well. They are lurking in their shady websites, lying to people that they have software that can bring huge profits. While in reality, there aren’t any algorithms, and their only goal is to steal money and personal data.

One of these fake and scamming crypto bots is 1k Daily Profit. In this review, we will explain in detail what this bot really is and why it is better to stay away from it.

Security 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 50%
Minimum deposit and payment options 60%
Demo account 100%
Support and tutorials 10%
Profit (according to User reviews) 10%
Overall rating 20%

What Is 1k Daily Profit trading bot and why you should stay away from it?

Allegedly, a person named John Becker is the creator of this bot. According to their website, Becker previously worked for Goldman Sachs Group, a multinational investment bank.

However, the legitimacy and very existence of this person are debatable. 

Like the majority of other crypto bots, 1k Daily Profit was created to automate the crypto trading process. Its main purpose is to use smart technology to help beginners step into the world of crypto. Therefore, the platform has a simple interface and an algorithm that works to bring profits to the user.

There aren’t many details on it’s algorithm. The bot assures us that its algorithm is “incredibly accurate”, but it doesn’t tell us much more than that.

What we know is that its algorithm should be able to track and predict price fluctuations. In such a way, it can spot and make the best possible trades. 

Moreover, it connects users with “experienced” crypto brokers from all over the world. These brokers use their expertise to help users earn even more.

1k Daily Profit is a crypto trading bot with a highly questionable reputation. Basic information is unavailable, such as the exact date of launching. Surprisingly, there is no such information on their official website. 

A peculiarity about this bot is that it regularly supplies users with a newsletter. Purportedly, the newsletter contains a lot of useful information about the industry trends and famous “personalities”. 

1k Daily Profit web platform explained 

1k Daily Profit gives contradicting information about their app. Namely, one of their websites claims that their app is available on Android and iOS devices. However, there are no such apps on Play and Apple stores.

The minimum deposit to launch the bot is $250. It is possible to make the deposit only with a credit card. Apart from cryptocurrencies, the platform enables trading with stocks and other assets.

Additionally, withdrawals are supposed to be quick and easy.

Interestingly, the team behind this bot claims to have a “VIP” community. The membership is possible only if a person gets an invite. 

The web platform has a demo mode, for new traders to get used to the interface. 

1k Daily Profit red flags

One of the easiest ways to spot a scamming bot is to check how realistic their promises are. 1k Daily Profit promises its users to earn a minimum of $1000 on a daily basis. Although cryptos are hard to predict, it is still not realistic to expect this amount every day.

The second red flag is the fact that there are several 1k Daily Profit websites. They have slightly different domains but display the same logo and very similar website content. It all leads us to believe that there is something wrong with this bot.

1k Daily Profit Web Platform
second 1k Daily Profit Web Platform
third 1k Daily Profit Web Platform
Some of the 1k Daily Profit websites

A deeper research yields even more reasons for distrust. 1k Daily Profit is a member of a well-known rogue affiliate network. There are some of them:

For that reason, there are many fake positive reviews online, convincing readers that the bot is legit. 

Needless to say, none of these reviews gives sound and real reasons to trust the platform. 

Evidence that 1k Daily Profit is a member of a rogue network is easy to find. For example, a video of Jake Tapper talking about crypto is available on 1k Daily Profit websites. The same video can be found across several other crypto bot websites, including Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Evolution. The problem is, both Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Evolution are also proven to be rogue.

Furthermore, the person named John Becker doesn’t exist anywhere else except on the website. The photograph of the apparently fictional character appears to be a stock image.

Are there any security measures and licenses?

None of the many 1k Daily Profit websites displays any information about licenses and security systems. Obviously, it is because they don’t have any. 

Even worse, they don’t even bother to lie. Most probably, there is no “crypto bot” behind 1k Daily Profit. There is only a group of con artists, whose only goal is to steal away people’s money.

User feedback on 1k Daily Profit

The 1k Daily Profit crypto bot promises 24/7 customer support. There is no evidence anyone ever saw their services. 

The customer reviews on TrustPilot are also alarming. It is very obvious that all of the positive reviews are fake

At the same time, the one-star reviews reveal the truth behind the entire thing. The users report that soon after making an account with 1k Daily Profit, they start receiving suspicious calls from unknown numbers. The calls are very annoying and are clear evidence that the website takes advantage of people’s sensitive data.

Additionally, TrustPilot also noticed the fraud and issues a clear warning about the bot.

fake positive reviews on Trustpilit

Similar Trustpilot reviews have several scam crypto bots we have been warning about:

Our final verdict: 1k Daily Profit is a scam! 

There is no doubt: 1k Daily Profit is not legit. It is a FRAUD, created by a group of criminals, whose only purpose is to steal money from unsuspecting people. 

Also, there is no algorithm or trading bot. Apart from money, the platform steals users’ personal data to further bother them with annoying calls. 

How do we know if a bot is legit? 

There is a series of criteria based on which we estimate whether a bot is legit or a scam. Some of the most important ones are available features, licenses, the origins of the app, and customer feedback. 

Additional details such as the official website, length of time a business has been in operation, and safety breaches in the past, are also taken into consideration. Since Demo versions are helpful for beginners, an app having this feature is recognized as a plus. 

FAQs on 1K Daily Profit

Is 1K Daily Profit a legit trading bot?

This bot is not a legit trading bot. It is a scam designed to trick people into thinking it is a trading bot and investing.

Is 1K Daily Profit a scam?

The trading bot is most certainly a scam! They operate under the assumption that with a fabulous design they can trick people. However, they lack licenses and basic information about the way their „trading bot“ operates.

Should I invest in 1K Daily Profit?

It is not a profitable investment. We highly advise against investing with this scamming bot. It is designed to take away people’s money, not make a profit.

How much money can 1K Daily profit make me?

Since 1K Daily Profit is a scheme targeting novices in the crypto trading industry, it can’t make any profit. It is best to stay as far away from it as possible.

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Ella Melton

I was scammed by the 1k Daily Profit trading bot. I lost all my money and it was a terrible experience. Do not trust this company!

Katelynn Sinclair

I tried out the 1k Daily Profit trading bot, but all I got were losses. The robot seemed to make bad decisions when it came to making trades.

Jacoby Peterson

The customer service for the 1k Daily Profit scam is non-existent! They don’t respond to emails or phone calls, so be careful if you’re considering using their services.