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Bitcoin Era – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Ranked: 3/242
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Bitcoin Era Review


Works thanks to "superior technology"
No service fee charged
Minimum deposit is $250
Is not legitimate



  • No pros, it is a site for scamming funds


  • Fraudulent crypto trading platform
  • Is not a real company
  • No licenses are available
  • No data security measures

Key takeways

  1. Bitcoin Era is a cloned website created by a criminal group behind a series of fraudulent crypto bots.
  2. By registering on the platform, the user is exposed to a high risk of losing any deposit money and personal data.
  3. All confidential data, such as phone numbers and credit cards, are completely open to the criminals who own the website.


Bitcoin Era Is a Scam! Full Review

In this Bitcoin Era review, we are about to research another rogue crypto trading platform. 

The price of Bitcoin skyrocketed in 2018 and then again in 2021. Although crypto technology is still a mystery for most people, these events sparked public interest. People started hearing stories of those who became rich overnight.

However, the fact that people got rich twice doesn’t mean it happens every day. Still, that is exactly what most scam crypto trading bots tell their users in order to manipulate them to deposit on these shady platforms.

Bitcoin Era

According to some estimations, almost 99% of crypto trading bots available on the market at the moment are fake. Also, criminals involved in creating fake crypto bots steal billions of dollars every year. 

These are disturbing facts and call users for close attention when choosing the crypto trading platform. Careful research on the platform before signing up could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

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Security (everything about licensing, docs, secure systems, etc) 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 50%
Minimum deposit and payment options 50%
Demo account 10%
Support and tutorials 10%
Profit (according to User reviews) 10%
Overall rating 10%

Why do We think Bitcoin Era Is a Scam?

  • Cloned scam 
  • Unethical marketing strategies
  • Poor web design
  • Fake and paid user reviews
  • Unrealistic profit promises

What Is Bitcoin Era Trading Bot? Scam Web Platform Review

Bitcoin Era is not a trading bot. It is another get-rich-quick scheme whose only purpose is to extort money and personal data from people by making them believe they are trading with crypto. 

After researching multiple scam crypto bots, it becomes easy to spot them. However, people who are new to crypto trading automation can’t always see through the lies. Therefore, in this review, we will explain in detail what Bitcoin Era truly is. Moreover, we will provide strong evidence why users are strongly advised to never deposit money or share any personal details on this platform. 

So, purportedly, Bitcoin Era is a crypto trading automation tool. The platform operates thanks to “superior technology”. It has an AI-based algorithm that: 

  • predicts future trends in prices of cryptocurrencies with 99.4% accuracy
  • has a win rate of 97%
  • can make beneficial trades very fast, before they change
  • brings ROI of over 90% a day.

This excelling algorithm, they say, helps people get rich in no time. And all that for free – there are no service fees for using the Bitcoin Era.

Of course, it is clear that all the abovementioned estimations are impossible. Algorithms are powerful tools for the crypto trade, but in reality, no genuine algorithm can perform that well. 

Apart from the algorithm, the platform allegedly connects users with experienced “brokers”, who further assist them with trading. And as expected, there is no mention of any licenses for their work. On the contrary, the “brokers” are most probably scammers themselves. 

The minimum deposit user has to make in order to start the “algorithm” is $250. In reality, it is the minimum amount crooks want to extort from their users, without hope to ever give it back.

Furthermore, some of the friendly reviews claim that users of the Bitcoin Era make $5,000 a day. Needless to say, each of these fake platforms claims to create new millionaires on a daily basis. If it were true, we would have heard about at least one of them so far. But we didn’t, because the only people who ever got rich on these scam platforms were these thieves themselves.

Missing Information: What Are They Hiding?

The Bitcoin Era website and affiliates are full of praise for this amazing algorithm. What they fail to tell us, however, is who created the platform. The official Bitcoin Era website doesn’t even have an “About Us” section. 

Also, we don’t know when the platform was launched. Furthermore, we are not informed about the address of the company’s headquarters or their tax identification number. 

It is clear as a day why they don’t display this information. Bitcoin Era isn’t a genuine company. It is a fraud with very sneaky ways to appeal to unsuspecting people and make them sign up. 

We will now explain how this fraud works, and show obvious evidence why we believe trading with Bitcoin Era is dangerous.

Bitcoin Era: No Online Security or Licenses

Bitcoin Era doesn’t display information on licenses. Clearly, they don’t have any. 

In the past, they used to say that they were awarded by the US Trading Association. However, the lie was so big and so bad that they had to remove it from their latest website.

Furthermore, there are absolutely no data security measures on the website. All sensitive data, such as phone and credit card numbers, are completely exposed to the criminals who own the site. Bitcoin Era is one of a well-known scam network:

User Feedback On Bitcoin Era Is Alarming

The fact that the Bitcoin Era has a very high rating on Trustpilot (4.3 stars out of 5) might seem surprising. However, for those who are very well aware of the sneaky strategies of rogue crypto trading bots, this is a familiar situation. 

How do scammers manage to manipulate customer reviews and ratings? Unfortunately, it isn’t that hard to do. They make a huge number of fake profiles on Trustpilot and start writing dozens or even hundreds of positive reviews. 

Also, it is possible to buy positive votes on Trustpilot.

However, if a person remembers to check the one-star reviews, the truth starts to reveal. Here are screenshots of fake and genuine reviews, so that readers can notice the difference themselves.

Fake review of Bitcoin Era

An example of fake positive review on Bitcoin Era. Source

True feedback of Bitcoin Era


Besides, if one pays closer attention, the majority of positive reviews has the “Invited” label. According to Trustpilot’s policy, that means that the authors of positive reviews were emailed with a link and asked by the business to rate the platform. In other words, only the negative reviews about Bitcoin Era are organic.

Additionally, all the positive reviews are written in the same style, without a single typo, the same way as for other similar bots:

Finally, all of the positive reviews to Bitcoin Era strongly remind of positive reviews on other scam crypto bots, such as Bitcoin Billionaire or 1k Daily Profit.

Therefore, it is obvious that we are dealing with generic and fake reviews. Also, we are dealing with people who are ready to do anything that would keep their hoax going.

More Evidence of Scam

Bitcoin Era is a cloned website, made by the same criminal team behind a series of scam crypto bots such as: 

and many, many more crypto trading bots

They can be recognized by the same, cheap web design and similar unethical marketing techniques.

For example, here is a screenshot showing the identical homepage of two scam crypto bots, Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Compass.

The crooks didn’t even bother to change the background picture. 

And just like is usually the case, the scam crypto bots are engaged in rogue advertising tactics. 

First, they create fake news. Then, they invest in social media, Google, and popup ads, targeting people who might fall for the news. When these people click on the ad, they get redirected to the signup page on the Bitcoin Era website.

Final Verdict: Bitcoin Era Is a Dangerous Platform! Scam!

From all the evidence above, it is clear that Bitcoin Era is not legit. It is another copy-paste platform, created by the big criminal group that made dozens of other similar websites. 

In this Bitcoin Era review, we have once again exposed the strategies these fake platforms use to trick people into making an account. They have carefully fabricated a web of lies, that can be hard to see through. 

When an ad leads a person to Bitcoin Era’s website, even if they do the research, they end up with more lies. All they get from typing “Bitcoin Era reviews” on Google are fake positive reviews and testimonials. 

Furthermore, Bitcoin Era has no algorithm and no security measures. By signing up on the platform, the user is exposed to a high risk of losing any deposited money and personal data. 

Additionally, the phone number will most probably be used for persistent phone calls. Although blocked, new numbers will call again, asking for personal information and more investment. If that happens, readers are advised NOT TO SHARE any information and politely refuse further collaboration. 


Is Bitcoin Era a scam?

Yes. Bitcoin Era is not a genuine crypto trading bot, and even making an account on this platform involves a great deal of risk. Even before a user makes a deposit, their personal data is sold to third parties.

Is it free to use the Bitcoin Era?

Officially, yes. There are no service fees. However, in reality, users are likely to lose all their deposited money and sensitive data if they trade with Bitcoin Era. The platform has no online safety protocols.

How much money can I make trading on Bitcoin Era?

There is no way to profit from Bitcoin Era. The platform doesn’t have a crypto trading algorithm. It is only a website created to extort money from unsuspecting people.


James Brownson

I was initially excited about Bitcoin Era, but my experience with the platform has been nothing short of a nightmare. The promises of quick profits are a complete scam, and I lost a substantial amount of money using this platform. The customer service is non-existent, and I have yet to receive a response to my numerous requests for a refund. Avoid Bitcoin Era at all costs.

Benjamin Garcia

Wish I had done more research before investing in Bitcoin Era. The platform claims to be an automated trading system that can earn you massive amounts with little effort, but it is nothing more than a fraud! The software doesn’t work as advertised, and my initial investment disappeared within a few weeks. The worst part is that there is no way to contact anyone for help or support, so you can’t get a withdrawal. A horrible experience.