Bitcoin Prime – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Bitcoin Prime – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

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Bitcoin Prime Review


Marketed as trading robot
The interface is simple and easy to use
Demo version for new users
Free of charge
Does not have a license



  • None


  • Obscure website
  • Long history of scams
  • Very bad customer feedback
  • High risk of data theft

Key takeways

  1. Bitcoin Prime has been blacklisted by the online crypto trading community.
  2. Openly state they can "transfer" personal data to other companies, third parties, and even unaffiliated partners for commercial purposes.
  3. There is not even a registration number to confirm that a real company is behind the project.
  4. A fraudulent bot for crypto trading, which is confirmed by the malicious reviews of deceived customers.


How to Use Bitcoin Prime? Full Rogue Trading Bot Review

When people realized that it is possible to use algorithms for crypto trading, the demand for such software skyrocketed. Algorithms proved to be much more efficient than humans when it comes to monitoring and predicting beneficial trades. That’s how many trading bots were created, including Bitcoin Prime.

Unfortunately, many saw this situation as an opportunity to make hefty profits by cheating innocent people. There are many suspicious websites, claiming to have a bot that can help people become rich with little or no investment. However, these people end up losing their money and their data stolen.

The question here is: is Bitcoin Prime one of them?

Bitcoin Prime went from stealing Amazon logo design to being so hard on their customers that some of them had to call the police. 

Is it really one of the biggest scams in crypto history, or were reactions against it exaggerated? In this article, we are digging deeper into the controversy that surrounds this platform. But, first, let’s take a look at some of the features and give an overall assessment.

Security 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 100%
Minimum deposit and payment options 100%
Demo account 100%
Support and tutorials 10%
Profit (according to User reviews) 10%
Overall rating 10%

“Giving the Average Joe a chance”: What Is Bitcoin Prime Trading Robot? 

Bitcoin Prime is only one year old, and it still managed to cause a lot of controversies. The platform claims that its mission is to bring crypto closer to people. So, the minimum deposit is low (only $250). At the same time, they promise a £13,000 profit in only 24 hours, which sounds a bit too optimistic.

By the way, each scam site from a well-known scam network has the same minimum deposit requirements of $250:

Their interface is simple and easy to use. Perhaps too simple: there is only one trading option (Live Trading). There is no possibility to customize this strategy. Allegedly, the app collaborates with trustworthy and regulated brokers. 

The platform has a demo version for new users to get used to the new interface.

The official Bitcoin Prime website pays a lot of attention to explaining non-relevant things. For example, on their home page, we see a lot of space is dedicated to Bitcoin: what it is, how it’s made, etc. Moreover, in the “About Us” section, we learn about the team’s mission – but nothing about the team itself.

In both cases, however, we don’t learn much about the important concerns of every user. How does the platform work, which features it offers, what are the fees? These questions remain unanswered.

Safety and License: Words Unknown to Bitcoin Prime

Bitcoin Prime officially states that they care about their users’ data privacy. However, in a disclaimer at the bottom of the site, they openly state that they might “transfer” personal data to other companies, third parties, and even nonaffiliated partners, for commercial purposes.

No license information was provided either.

Another suspicious thing about Bitcoin Prime is that it is absolutely free. There are no premium plans or any mention of fees. Is it because the team behind this bot is so benevolent, or because money and data theft happen behind the curtains?

The same issues with safety and license have a number of other scam platforms:

User Feedback on Using Bitcoin Prime

The users are clear about Bitcoin Prime: it is a scam, and most regret they even tried. It has a very bad rating on TrustPilot (1.6 out of 5) and some very angry reviews. Most of them tell the same story: right after the registration, mysterious phone calls start. Even if blocked, new numbers keep calling again. Some users even had to call the police.

Pro tips for investing with Bitcoin Prime

The best tip for investing with Bitcoin Prime is not to invest with them. There is nothing about it that instills trust. The low-budget website, misleading content, and poor customer ratings are only some of the reasons to avoid it. The same are other scam bots we reviewed:

Our verdict: countless proves of scam

Bitcoin Prime has been blacklisted by the online crypto trading community, and for a good reason. 

There are many proves that Bitcoin Prime is a rogue crypto trading bot. To begin with, there are two websites with almost identical content, only two different web addresses: and 

Besides, many of their testimonials turned out to be fake in the end. The company used to hire a guy from Fiverr to say that he earned thousands of dollars (ironically, the gig costs only £5).

Also, the company was caught engaging in fake news campaigns. Since stealing Amazon’s logo wasn’t enough obviously, they managed to publish fake news, claiming that Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk were using their platform.

If they were capable of fake news, why not have fake reviews as well? One of these reviews tells us about an amazing AI algorithm, thousands of positive reviews on TrustPilot, even a viral e-Book on Amazon, explaining how to earn with Bitcoin Prime. Of course, none of the above is true, and it is possible to check it with a simple Google search.

Therefore, it is clear why it is best to avoid Bitcoin Prime and stick to reliable trading bots.

How to check whether a trading bot is a scam

There is a series of criteria based on which we estimate whether a bot is legit or a scam. Some of the most important ones are available features, licenses, the origins of the app, and customer feedback. 

Proper crypto bots are considered to operate on the cloud and offer arbitrage opportunities.

Furthermore, additional details such as the official website, length of time a business has been in operation, and safety breaches in the past, are also taken into consideration. Since Demo versions are helpful for beginners, an app having this feature is recognized as a plus. 


Is Bitcoin Prime a Scam?

Absolutely yes. This is a rogue crypto trading bot, blacklisted by many crypto trading platforms. Some of its users even had to report their scammy actions to the police.

Is Bitcoin Prime Legal?

Bitcoin Prime is not licensed and there is not even a registration number to prove that there is a real company behind the project. Furthermore, they are on the black list of many financial institutions in Belgium (FSMA), Italy (ConSob), Australia (ASIC), Spain (CMNV), New Zealand (FMA), and Canada (CSA).

Is Bitcoin Prime Free to Use?

Yes, but there is a minimum deposit and very high risks of losing both your deposit and your gains.

Does Bitcoin Prime Have Anything to Do With Amazon?

No. They stole Amazon’s logo, in order to cheat people into thinking that they are trustworthy.


Jasmine Davis

I decided to try out Bitcoin Prime after hearing about its supposed high success rates, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a complete scam. It’s clear to me that the bot’s success rates were fabricated to lure in investors. Worst of all, there’s no way to get your funds back! Highly advice against investing them in the first place.

Cameron Parker

I tried using the Bitcoin Prime trading bot. Despite promises of significant profits, I ended up losing a substantial amount of money within a week of using the bot. The trading signals generated by the bot were inaccurate and unreliable, leading to bad trades and significant losses. I strongly advise against using this trading bot.

Christopher Anderson

I had high hopes for Bitcoin Prime, but my experience using it was nothing short of a disaster. Not only were the trades it recommended completely off the mark, but I also had trouble withdrawing my funds when I realized I needed to cut my losses. There’s no doubt that this bot is nothing more than a scheme to defraud individuals of their hard-earned money.