Bitsgap Review: Is It Safe?

Bitsgap Review: Is It Safe?

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Bitsgap review


Automated trading system
Uses API keys to connect to cryptocurrency exchange accounts
Helps you find arbitrage opportunities faster
26 supported exchanges
Bitsgap works perfectly



  • Different tariff plans
  • There is a free trial version
  • Creating a Bitsgap account is easy
  • Plenty of great tools
  • You can use already-established strategies
  • Has a mobile app for Android, iPhone, and iPad


  • Trading signal function is not available now

Key takeways

  1. Bitsgap offers arbitrage, signals, and cryptocurrency trading bots, and you can manage all of these assets from one dashboard, which is especially important for those who are just starting out in trading.
  2. Since the platform's launch in 2017, Bitsgap has become an important platform in the crypto economy and has received over a billion visitors.
  3. In terms of security and trust, more than half a billion traders believe that Bitsgap has become one of the most active and convenient trading bots.
  4. Since it does not allow anyone to access your funds or data, it is one of the safest and most reliable methods of using any platform.


You’ve already heard plenty of advice like:

  • You should start trading!
  • You don’t even have to do it yourself! Trading bots can do all the crypto trading work for you.
  • Just define your trading strategies!

For most people, though, this advice hasn’t worked. Why? Because cryptocurrency trading is much more complicated than the way most internet crypto “gurus” present it.

Considering this and the fact that the crypto market is still underdeveloped and not explored enough, opportunities for scams are on every corner of the Internet.

Instead of blindly listening to anyone advising about crypto, do your own research and, after reading reviews just like this Bitsgap review, do your math to see if something is legit or a scam.

If that’s the reason you’re here, let’s cut to the chase and see if Bitsgap is safe or if you should look for another automated trading solution.

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What is Bitsgap?

Bitsgap is an automated trading platform and, as some reviewers claim, one of the best places for cryptocurrency trading for those who are just getting started. Let’s analyze it to see if that’s true.

As we have seen, anyone can use Bitsgap easily, and you may set up several trading bots even with the most basic subscription.

cryptoassets on smartphone


This trading platform allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and track your portfolio. In addition, it offers arbitrage, signals, and crypto trading bots. What is also important, especially for those who are just starting out with trading, is that you can manage all these assets from one dashboard.

The Bitsgap platform is considered one of the three leading trading bot platforms. The other two we’ve already mentioned in 3Commas review and Coinrule review.

Bitsgap Key Features

There are so many excellent, ready-to-use features on the platform that the characteristics we are going to mention now are only the tip of the iceberg:

  • Trading terminal – With the assistance of these tools, you can trade futures and spots on several exchanges by using a common interface.
Bitsgap trading terminal
  • Arbitrage opportunities – This means that you can maximize the price difference between two or more different crypto exchanges.
  • Futures trading bots – There are only a few trading platforms that allow you to create futures trading bots. Bitsgap is one of them.
  • Strategies – Here, you can find a list of proven strategies for different trading pairs. There are hundreds of different trading pairs to choose from.
  • Portfolio management – By using this feature of the Bitsgap bot trading platform, you can track your funds and earnings.
  • Automated trading bots – You can set up a trading bot to trade for you 24/7 by using automated trading strategies.
  • Bitsgap demo account – This feature allows you to practice and familiarize yourself with all that Bitsgap offers by using the demo trading option.
  • Bitsgap grid bot – the purpose of this bot is to help you generate profit from small price fluctuations.
Bitsgap: Crypto Trading Bot That Helps Avoiding Bad Habits

Bitsgap’s History

Today, many people who are in the crypto world know of Bitsgap. Since the platform launched in 2017, a new approach to crypto trading has emerged. Bitsgap has become an important platform within crypto-economies and has welcomed over one billion visitors.

The company reports that its site has a growing number of visitors from Colombia and Belgium, and this growth is expected to continue over the next few months.

Bitsgap has become the preferred trading platform among nearly 300 million trading users worldwide, with its total trading volume exceeding $300 million.

How Does Bitsgap Work?

Bitsgap uses API keys to connect to cryptocurrency exchange accounts and it makes multiple trades on the exchanges supporting the API. The system allows third-party users to automatically or manually open, buy, and sell orders.

In this Bitsgap review, we’ll also provide you with a brief guide on how to use this cloud-based trading platform:

  1. Create a Bitsgap account – here, you have to provide your email address;
  2. Connect your account to one or more supported exchanges;
  3. Start placing orders manually so that you can build a cryptocurrency trading bot that will trade for you.

How Can Bitsgap Signals Be Useful?

Bitsgap Signal is a feature that is now completely eliminated from the project. The Bitsgap trading signal feature allowed the application to detect anomalies in the market and send you Bitsgap signals that allowed you to access the market.

Despite the absence of the Bitsgap signals, the app now has plenty of useful tools with practical uses in terms of:

  1. Strategies
  2. Backtesting

Predefined Strategies With Backtesting

Traders using Bitsgap crypto trading bots can use strategies that are already set. User selection is specified by its backtesting performance, indicating that a particular method is reliable.

Using earlier price action, you may utilize this tool to test your bot configuration. This is very helpful to evaluate performance before launching the crypto trading bot, especially if you predict that the pattern will continue.

In short, the Bitsgap crypto bot has everything traders need to improve their lives.

How Does Bitsgap Find Opportunities for Arbitrage?

On some crypto exchanges, crypto traders can select between crypto and fiat arbitrage, based on their account balance when choosing potential trades. AI and automated bots like Bitsgap can help you find arranged arbitration opportunities faster.

If you have to click on numerous commands on multiple exchanges, you’re likely to miss these arbitrage opportunities before you have the chance to take advantage of them.

One click is all it takes to make a transaction using Bitsgap arbitrage, which thus makes the process much easier.

Is Bitsgap Safe?

Over half a billion traders believe that Bitsgap has become one of the greatest active trading bots. Bitsgap is similar to many other cryptocurrency trading bots that also don’t hold traders’ funds.

The company has no digital possessions. Instead, it uses an API key to connect with the crypto exchange and send a trading message to a place that stores your assets. Bitsgap API key doesn’t authorize the withdrawal of funds, but uses a unique API key to send signals to your exchange account.

This makes Bitsgap secure, and linking your exchange to it shouldn’t be a cause for worry.

Bitsgap Suppored Exchanges

There are multiple exchanges supported – to be more precise, you can find as many as 26 supported exchanges. It also implies better arbitrage opportunities because many markets are monitored. Thus, there is a high probability of finding a substantial price difference.

bitsgap supported exchanges
Bitsgap Suppored Exchanges

Bitsgap Pricing

The basic plan costs $29 per month and $23 per month if billed annually. It provides users access to various exchanges, 2 active GRID bots, 10 active DCA bots, unlimited smart trading features, and the ability to create trading signals.

The Advanced program costs $69 per month and $55 per month if it is billed annually. It offers traders up to $100k a month, 5 active GRID bots, 10 active DCA bots, unlimited smart orders, access to the Bitsgap futures bot, and trailing up for bots. It also gives them the option to trade in arbitrage.

The Pro program costs $149 per month and $119 per month if it is billed annually, and you don’t have a limited transaction amount. You are allowed to use 20 active GRID bots, and 10 active DCA bots. You also have access to unlimited smart orders, Bitsgap futures bot, trailing up for bots, and you can take profit for bots.

Moreover, you can get priority service if you want it.

bitsgap pricing

You might be wondering if there is a free trial option, so the answer is yes, there is also access to a 7-day free trial.

The free trial option is available for all users, regardless of your chosen pricing plan.

bitsap homepage

How Can I Start Using Bitsgap?

If you want to start trading on Bitsgap, it takes only three steps. It is easy to create a Bitsgap account by providing an email address and password.

You just need to verify your email address to complete the installation. You will get a verification email for that. Additionally, you can connect to a Google or Facebook account and log out via a logged-in account.

bitsgap sign up

After that, you will have to connect your exchange API keys, which are available on your trading account. And then, you can start trading.

As it does not let anybody else access your funds or data, this is one of the most secure and trustworthy methods to use any platform. It is suitable for beginners, but experienced traders might want to find another trading bot instead.


Is Bitsgap Trusted?

Yes. Bitsgap works perfectly. The team is actively working on improving the trading platform.

Where Is Bitsgap Located?

Bitsgap is one of the active trading bots located in Estonia.

Does Bitsgap Have an App?

Yes, Bitsgap indeed has a mobile app for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

How Much Should I Invest in Bitsgap?

Before you launch any bot, the Bitsgap platform pre-sets a minimum balance necessary to start trading with the selected parameters. The following message will appear if there is insufficient money on your balance:

Other than that, it’s up to you how much you want to invest in Bitsgap.

What Is Sum Total P&L in Bitsgap?

The Sum Total P&L in Bitsgap is the difference between the initial investment and the current funds across all trading bots.

Does Bitsgap Have a Customer Support Option?

Yes, Bitsgap offers chat support. Reviews say that customer support is fast and helpful. Send an email to or submit an appeal through the website to get in touch with their customer support staff.Bitsgap customer support


Even though Bitsgap has a higher-than-typical monthly price and lacks the social trading and copy trading capabilities that novices would want, it is still among the greatest places to start trading with crypto bots.



None of the content in this article is investment advice nor is it a replacement for independent financial advice from a certified financial expert.



Bitsgap is a solid trading platform with a variety of features to help users make profitable trades. Wide range of features available and the ability to automate trades across multiple exchanges are a definite plus.

However, the platform can be a bit overwhelming for new users and there have been occasional glitches that can be frustrating. Overall, Bitsgap is a fine option for experienced traders looking to streamline their trading strategies, but could have been better.

Tatsuo Nakamura

I can’t speak highly enough about this trading bot.

The platform is user-friendly, and the range of features available is incredible. The arbitrage tool is my favorite, and has helped me to take advantage of price differences across different exchanges. The platform’s overall performance is outstanding, and I haven’t experienced any technical issues so far. Bitsgap is a great tool.


Bitsgap is a game-changer for anyone looking to trade cryptocurrencies. The platform offers an impressive range of features, including portfolio tracking, automated trading, and more. The user interface is intuitive , and the customer support team excellent. I’ve been using the platform for a while now and have seen a significant improvement in my trading results.

Jasper Reed

Bitsgap is a great platform, but it’s not perfect. While the user interface is excellent, some of the features can be a bit confusing to use, particularly for beginners. Additionally, the platform can be a bit slow at times. However, overall, I am still very satisfied with the platform and the results it has helped me achieve.