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Bitcoin Buyer – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

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Bitcoin Buyer Review


Scamming platform pretending to be a crypto bot
Demo mode available
Statements Download feature
Leverage Trading Feature
Member of an entire network of criminals
Fake positive testimonials



  • None, this bot is a scam!


  • The bot is involved in cases of sensitive data theft and misuse
  • No security protocols
  • No licenses
  • Multiple website domains
  • Unethical marketing strategies
  • No underlying algorithm

Key takeways

  1. This crypto bot promises to earn over $800 per day with a minimum deposit of $250.
  2. The platform promises fast withdrawals but doesn’t inform about the available withdrawal options.
  3. All of the licenses and “trust seals” displayed on the Bitcoin Buyer site are fake.
  4. The testimonials of pressure selling and sensitive data abuse are very similar to testimonials about Bitcoin Buyer’s sister bots.
  5. Bitcoin Buyer is a scam and there is no reason why anyone would use this bot.


Bitcoin Buyer Crypto Bot Full Review: What It Is and Why You Should Avoid It

Although the crypto market is potentially very lucrative, its volatility is a big challenge. The value of cryptocurrencies drops and rises very frequently, and even the biggest professionals find it hard to predict the changes.

For this reason, a lot of people willing to invest in crypto use trading bots. Crypto bots combine the latest technologies to do what humans can’t. They monitor the crypto market 24/7, spot beneficial deals, notify users and perform trades in milliseconds.

Bitcoin Buyer Review

However, like any other industry, crypto also has its scammers. In this Bitcoin Buyer review, we will inspect their platform and see if it can bring profits to the users. Let’s take a look at some of the features their website offers.

Security 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 100%
Minimum deposit and payment options 10%
Demo account 100%
Support and tutorials 10%
Profit (according to User reviews) 10%
Overall rating 10%

Bitcoin Buyer trading bot: “the Most Consistent Trading Bot On the Planet” or a Nasty Scam?

Before we get to the point, let’s see what Bitcoin Buyer claims to offer. 

So, Bitcoin Buyer is supposed to be a crypto trading platform, whose underlying AI-powered algorithm should help people trade cryptocurrencies more efficiently. 

The crypto bot should be able to make more than $800 a day, with a minimum deposit of $250. Anyone with at least basic experience in crypto trading knows that, although occasionally possible, this is too much to earn every day.

Furthermore, the platform promises fast withdrawals but doesn’t inform us about the withdrawal options available. 

The signup process to Bitcoin Buyer is easy and fast. The user only needs to provide their name, phone number, and email address. Once the email address is verified, the user can start “trading”. 

The interface of Bitcoin Buyer is easy to use, yet, it is very crude. The choice of options and available features is very limited. There are only Live trading, Stop Loss, and Broker Assistance options.

There is a demo mode, and the platform is not available for mobile phones. 

Interestingly, to convince us how serious of a company they are, Bitcoin Buyer even offers a Statements Download feature. These documents should help users to justify their rich earnings and comply with the tax legislation.

Finally, all Bitcoin Buyer services are free. There aren’t any services or even withdrawal fees. The only costs users might incur are brokers’ incentives (as low as 0.01%).

Leverage Trading Feature: Stay Away!

An especially suspicious feature available on Bitcoin Buyer is Leverage Trading. Usually, this is a financial term signifying a very risky form of trading with borrowed funds. Unless strict risk management strategies are employed, Leverage or Margin trading can lead to severe losses and debt.

In the case of Bitcoin Buyer scammers, it is a perfect strategy to get people into debt and take their last penny.

The current look of Bitcoin Buyer’s website
The current look of Bitcoin Buyer’s website

Bitcoin Buyer’s Story About (Fake) Licenses and Security Protocols

It is interesting that Bitcoin Buyer creators were a bit more creative than its sister bots. For example, in order to prove that they have some safety protocols, they say that there are access codes to protect users’ accounts.

Yet, it is not entirely clear how these access codes function. The Bitcoin Buyer says that the codes are changed often to prevent hackers from accessing user accounts, but nothing more than that.

Additionally, some affiliate reviews claim that the data from the Bitcoin Buyer website is encrypted (AES 256-bit). Unfortunately, this tells us only that Bitcoin Buyer knows what we want to hear. In reality, there is no proof that this strong encryption protocol is applied.

Probably, there aren’t any security protocols at all, and it is just another case of gaslighting performed by Bitcoin Buyer.

Furthermore, we learn that the Bitcoin Buyer’s brokers are allegedly CySEC-licensed.

Needless to say, all of the licenses and “trust seals” displayed on the Bitcoin Buyer site are fake, the same as other sister bots:

Red Flags

We will now expose Bitcoin Buyer fraud, with every piece of evidence we could find.

Bitcoin Buyer Fake News and Celebrity Endorsements: A Scamming Déjà Vu

Although Bitcoin Buyer recently updated the website, the old domain hides evidence that it is affiliated with a series of other scamming crypto bots. The other scamming bots that had exactly the same video of a CNN reporter are 1k Daily Profit, Bitcoin Bank, Bitcoin Evolution, and others.

Bitcoin Buyer recently updated the website
Bitcoin Buyer registration
1k Daily Profit site

Besides, a lot of these bots share the same story that they have been supported by famous businessmen, comics, actors, etc. People stumble upon them in Google ads or social media posts.

Fake Affiliates: Persuasive Language and Nonsense

It is clear that Bitcoin Buyer is a member of an entire network of criminals. They have invested a lot in creating countless fake positive reviews. 

However, these reviews are void of any useful information. Everything comes down to nice wishes and “believe us, it’s true” logic.

Except for persuasive language, the lame content of the reviews reveals new dimensions of the fraud. In the following image, the writer of a positive Bitcoin Buyer review shows us how ignorant they are. They don’t even know what cryptocurrencies are: the displayed trading pairs are all fiat currencies (Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, etc.).

trading pairs are all fiat currencies

Multiple Website Domains

Another fishy thing about Bitcoin Buyer is that the platform currently exists on several domains. Here are some of them:


And probably, there are more.

Also, the older domains lead us to additional proves that Bitcoin Buyer is a scam. Namely, the Bitcoin Buyer, Bitcoin Billionaire, Bitcoin Bank, and 1k Daily Profit old domains all look the same. They have exactly the same page layout and background picture. 

Bitcoin Buyer similar site
Bitcoin Billionaire similar to Bitcoin Buyer
Bitcoin Bank similar to Bitcoin Buyer site
1k Daily Profit similar to Bitcoin Buyer site

User Feedback: More Fake Reviews and Reports of Personal Data 

Bitcoin Buyer claims to have clients from all over the world. Therefore, they say, the platform offers customer support that is available 24/7. In such a way, users in all time zones can get the necessary assistance in no time.

However, the level of Bitcoin Buyer customer satisfaction seems to be quite low in reality. 

In order to learn more about it, we will examine the bot’s page on Trustpilot. We want to see what the positive and negative reviews have to say about the bot we are analyzing.

Surprisingly, Bitcoin Buyer has a very high overall rating (4.5 out of 5 stars). Upon a closer look, it is obvious that the positive testimonials are fake. And it is easy to check that. Most positive reviews come from profiles that have only one review written. Therefore, the profiles are clearly created only for the purpose of posting that review.

On the other hand, negative reviews come from profiles that regularly interact on Trustpilot. These people’s stories seem much more genuine and are closer to the truth. 

Users report that soon after making an account on Bitcoin Buyer, frequent phone calls from various numbers start. Moreover, the person on the other side starts urging them to invest more money.

The testimonials of pressure selling and sensitive data abuse are very similar to testimonials about Bitcoin Buyer’s sister bots. 

Unfortunately, it is possible to buy Trustpilot reviews. And this is clearly what Bitcoin Buyer does the same as its sister platforms:

 FAQ on Bitcoin Buyer Scam Bot 

What is Bitcoin Buyer crypto bot?

Bitcoin Buyer is not a crypto bot. It is a scamming platform pretending to be a crypto bot, in order to steal away people’s money and sensitive data.

Is it safe to use Bitcoin Buyer?

Absolutely not. On the contrary, using Bitcoin Buyer is very risky and can incur significant losses.

Which algorithm does Bitcoin Buyer use?

Bitcoin Buyer doesn’t have any genuine crypto trading algorithm. 

Is Bitcoin Buyer available on mobile phones?

No, Bitcoin Buyer isn’t available on Android or iOS platforms.

Can I profit from Bitcoin Buyer?

No. Bitcoin Buyer is a fake crypto bot and should be avoided.

Our Verdict: Bitcoin Buyer Is a Fraud!

There is no doubt that Bitcoin Buyer is a scam. Everything goes in favour of such opinion: from its websites, ignorant affiliates, user reviews, to reported cases of sensitive data abuse.

Therefore, readers of this Bitcoin Buyer review are strongly advised to STAY AWAY from this bot. 

It is not even a crypto bot, because most probably it doesn’t own any algorithm to perform crypto monitoring and trades. Merely, it is a scamming website whose only purpose is to steal from its users. And what they steal is money, data, and precious time.


Lisa McFly

Bitcoin Buyer seemed useful, but I had a lot of trouble with getting it to trade properly, I tried contacting customer support and never got any replies. After reading this article, I’m 100% this is a scam.

Mike Heathrow

Saw an ad saying Richard Branson was a user of Bitcoin Buyer so I went and tried it out. I only got as far as placing the deposit, and you can’t actually fire up the bot after that… and of course, the $250 were lost for good by then. Don’t trust these people, and don’t waste time and money trying to invest here, is my advice.