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Best Crypto Scalping Bots For Beginners

Updated February 1, 2023
Ella Mackness

Many investors enjoy trading cryptocurrencies due to the dynamic as well as unstable nature of the market. This kind of trading may yield considerably more earnings than traditional trading formats such as trading stocks if the market can be timed accurately. 

Scalpers mostly profit from the carelessness of the market. Yet, scalping trading techniques require increasing the number of transactions to reap a benefit. Scalpers examine past trends and volume levels before specifying exit or entrance points within a day. 

To create a gain in this way as a newbie, take a look at the following in this guide.

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Automated Trading

Fully automated trading strategies for crypto assets

Portfolio Management

Monitor and manage multiple portfolios from a single platform

Advanced Tools

Advanced tools for technical analysis and market analysis

Customizable Options

Customizable options for traders to tailor their strategies to their needs

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of crypto markets and trades to ensure maximum profits

Rule-Based Trading

Create custom, rule-based trading strategies with ease

Cloud-Based Platform

Access your crypto investments from anywhere with a cloud-based platform

No Coding Required

No coding skills needed to create and implement trading strategies

Multiple Exchanges

Connect multiple exchanges to execute trades seamlessly

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of crypto markets and trades to make informed decisions

Multi-Exchange Platform

Access and trade on multiple exchanges from a single platform

Portfolio Management

Monitor and manage your entire crypto portfolio in one place

Smart Order Execution

Smart order execution for maximum profits and minimal slippage

Market Insights

Access to market insights and analysis for informed decision making

Easy Navigation

Easy navigation and user-friendly interface for a seamless trading experience

Dollar-Cost Averaging

Automated cost averaging for reduced market impact

Copy Trading Signals

Copy successful trader's signals for profit

Strategy Designer

Design and implement custom trading strategies

Advanced Dashboard

Monitor your trades and portfolio on an advanced dashboard

Paper Trading

Test trading strategies without risking real funds

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Bitcoin Storm – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Updated February 2, 2023
Michael Klias

Cryptocurrencies are not just digital money, according to many they are the future of global finance. The world of cryptocurrency investing is a new and exciting opportunity for people who want to gain financial independence or earn passive income. But it’s not all that simple.

Some people are perfectly happy to buy a coin and let it sit for years until it grows to x10 or x100. Others are trying to maximize gains by trading and surfing the bull-bear runs. 

This is fine, smart even, and it’s only natural that traders reach for an auto trading platform. After all, even the most knowledgeable and skilled trader is limited by human reaction time and the need to sleep or do other things.

An auto trading system, on the other hand, can be instructed to follow a protocol to the letter. The better the trader the better the protocol they can devise. 

Most traders practice on their own before starting to work with trading bots on the crypto market. This allows you to develop your own investment trading strategies, which can be implemented in the trading program. This allows you to use the full potential of the program for trading and almost completely eliminates the need for the trader to intervene in the trading process.

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No Trading Algorithm

Lacks a legitimate trading algorithm

No Safety Protocols

No measures to ensure user security

No Licenses

No regulatory oversight or licenses to operate

Unfavorable Privacy Policy

No protection of user data or information

Poor User Feedback

Negative user feedback and low trustworthiness

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Declined Withdrawals

Difficulty in withdrawing funds

Unethical Marketing

Deceptive marketing practices

Official Warnings

Regulators have issued warnings against the platform

No Privacy Protocols

No protection for user data or information

Hostile Privacy Policy

Unfavorable privacy policy with disregard for user data

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Fake Testimonials

Fabricated user reviews and success stories

Similarities to Scams

Resemblance to other known scams

Fake Celebrity Endorsements

Misleading celebrity endorsements

Crude Web Design

Poorly designed and unprofessional website

Limited Features

Lacks advanced features found in legitimate trading bots

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Strong resemblance to other crypto bot scams

Noted for its similarities to other crypto trading scams

Unfriendly privacy policy

Raises concerns about user data protection and the potential for misuse

No cybersecurity

Criticized for its lack of security measures

No licenses

Operates without any regulatory oversight or licensing

Unethical marketing techniques

Aggressive and deceptive marketing tactics to lure in users

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International criminal group

Is operated by an international criminal group, increasing the likelihood of unethical and illegal practices

No algorithm

The platform operates without a legitimate trading algorithm

No safety protocols

Lack of necessary security protocols to protect user data and investments

Countless evidence of money and data theft

Numerous reports of users losing their investments and personal information to the platform

No licenses

Operates without any regulatory oversight or licensing

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