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Anon System – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

9 min


Automated trading software
Doesn’t have any underlying algorithm
Quick and easy registration process
Fake reviews and testimonials
No information on data protection protocols or licenses
Scam that’s after your money



  • None, this bot is a scam


  • Members of a rogue affiliate network
  • Fake testimonials
  • Lack of transparency
  • Problematic privacy policy

Key takeways

  1. The bot is not transparent about its creators, launch date, or other important information
  2. No information about the exact amount of withdrawal fees
  3. Anon System openly states that it will sell your data to unknown companies for commercial purposes
  4. Their site has posted many fake reviews with photos of random people's profiles from free photo-sharing sites
  5. It is illegal in the US, which says enough about this bot


Full Review: What Is Anon System, How to Use It,  and Is It Really a Scam?

When a mysterious forum user Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin in 2009, it was the big bang of the crypto industry. Since then, cryptocurrency has become increasingly widespread, with more and more people adopting it for everyday use. This has led to the appearance of many crypto-related products, such as trading bots. 

Nowadays, these automated trading systems, like Anon System, are flooding the cryptocurrency market.

Right now, the industry is worth almost $1.5 billion, and it is growing fast. Cryptocurrencies provide hope that everyone can have equal financial opportunities, and can trade without banks as intermediaries. 

Thus, the development of 21st-century crypto technology is a fascinating historical event. It is the revolution of finance as we knew it in the past.

Currently, a lot of users use the power of AI and other technologies to help them earn from the crypto market. There are many companies that develop powerful crypto trading bots, whose algorithms provide users with great profits. These trading robots have made it easier for investors to navigate the unpredictable waters of the crypto industry.

On the other hand, there are also scammers, whose fake crypto trading platforms exist only to steal people’s money and data. The number of such fraudulent trading bots is quite alarming, thus, it is our duty to investigate such bots and inform readers about their creators’ unethical schemes.

Our Anon System review evaluates this suspicious crypto trading bot. Recently, the crypto community was alarmed that this is a deceptive platform, only presenting itself as a crypto bot. But also, there are many positive reviews that recommend Anon System. Well, then, is the Anon System safe or not?

Let’s see which side is telling the truth.

Security 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 100%
Minimum deposit and payment options 50%
Demo account 100%
Support and tutorials 10%
Profit (according to User reviews) 10%
Overall rating 10%
Anon System
The latest of many logos they use

What Is Anon System Trading Bot?

The value of crypto assets is very volatile, so there are many changes on a daily basis. An average person can’t keep up with all that information on the cryptocurrency market. 

Thus, many investors use bots to do the job instead of them, regardless of whether they’re inexperienced users or professional traders. This way, you’re left with plenty more time to dedicate to other aspects of your crypto trading plans.

Like most trading bots out there, Anon System should have an algorithm that tracks the prices of cryptocurrencies. Based on historical pricing data, the algorithm should be able to predict future trends, both short-term and long-term.

Thus, this is a bot that promises automatic trading. It means it’s a trading system that should perform a potentially relevant market analysis and automatically select and make deals, in order to make the most money for users. 

As the AI-powered bot does trading faster and more effectively, the user is relieved from the stress of manual trading. And, in theory, a minimum of trading skills is required. After initially setting up the trading parameters, you can leave everything to the software auto trader. 

Or, that’s how it should be. The truth of using the Anon System bot, unfortunately, is much less positive. In fact, if you own money, these scammers want it. And they’ll take your entire invested capital, if you decide to do business with them.

Let’s see exactly what the issues are.

Scarce Features and Obscure Algorithm

The problem with this trading platform is that most probably it doesn’t have any underlying algorithm necessary for analyzing market trends and providing investment advice. We will now see why a large part of the crypto community doesn’t trust the Anon System trading platform anymore and believes that it is just another get-rich-quick scheme. 

This automated trading system has a very comprehensive and intuitive interface. In order to launch the Start System option and begin trading, the user only needs to sign up and make a deposit. 

The registration process is quick and painless. When you want to invest money, there are no transaction fees involved whatsoever, nor are there any account registration fees. 

The bot comes with a demo trading feature. This is, generally speaking, a rather helpful option, as it allows you to practice trading in a simulated environment. 

A free demo account can be especially neat for beginner traders, as they can develop trading strategies for trading crypto. These new traders don’t have to fear losing any actual money while using this feature.

However, there is no mention of any other trading option or feature that you’ll get access to after creating an Anon System trading account, other than Live Trading. And as is well-known, legit crypto bots allow dozens of different trading strategies, apart from just including the Live Trading session feature. On top of that, they allow customization. 

Unfortunately, it is not the case here. There is only one option and that’s it. And there’s not even one trading indicator displayed. Indeed, Anon System features are strangely scarce. 

This lack of automated trading tools makes the Anon System bot suspicious right from the start. Sure, the account setup process is quick and easy, but that only makes it easier for scammers to rid crypto investors of their money.

Allegedly, the Anon System utility is off the charts. The scammers behind the Anon System claim that this artificial intelligence is among the fastest in the market. 

It scans the entire cryptocurrency market in seconds. Purportedly, its auto trading algorithm is able to make deals two times faster than any other crypto bot. 
Furthermore, it is promoted as an automated system whose trading process predicts the best deals with 98% accuracy and offers a significant profit. That also sounds fascinating, but again – quite unrealistic. We’re yet to see a bot with such an extremely high rate of accuracy.

Who is Behind the This Crypto Trading Bot?

The “reviews” that are friendly towards Anon System, say that the bot targets the following groups:

  • people with a full-time job
  • retired people
  • unemployed people, who “don’t want to depend on the government”.

According to the Anon System website, it was the Anonymous group that developed the Anon System platform. Anonymous is one of the world’s most dangerous hacker groups, known for cyberattacks on various governments and corporations.

So, this is an obvious lie for so many reasons. First, why would an automated trading tool brag about the fact that world-class hackers stand behind it? How does that instill trust in people who aren’t tech-savvy and are only beginning their journey into the crypto world?

Furthermore, why would an anonymous hacker group say publicly that they are making a bot? Also, why would people attacking governments bother to develop a free crypto bot?

In reality, the story scammers invented had the purpose to strike a chord with people who are angry and disappointed. In that story, Anon System is some kind of Robin Hood that would make up to people for all social injustices. 

Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is that we have absolutely no idea who is behind the Anon System. The bot is not transparent about its creators, date of launching, or other important information. 

Ironically, while presenting themselves as some kind of fighters for social justice, the developers have done the opposite and created an immoral scam, hoping to rid people of their money. This is a truly slimy tactic, uncommon even for con artists.

Moreover, Anon System is one of a well-known scam network:

Anon System Review: a Web Platform Analysis

Anon System Web Platform Analysis
One of the Anon System websites

Users can access the trading platform only through a webpage. However, the webpage is fully optimized for mobile phones and tablet devices. There’s supposedly an Anon System app for mobile devices, but we couldn’t get it running.

Throughout time, this automated trading platform changed several websites, stories, and designs. The service didn’t get any better, though. And the Anon System logo closely resembles the logos of other known fraudulent operations.

Anon System doesn’t charge any fees for their services, except for withdrawals. Additionally, buying and selling Bitcoin and altcoins should also be free on the website. Anon System claims that there are even no fees for making deposits and withdrawals. Allegedly, you shouldn’t expect any hidden fees whatsoever.

In one word, trading with Anon System is like a beautiful dream. Everything is perfect, and nothing is real. It’s supposed to be some sort of mythical money-saving expert. But the reality is different.

Besides, there is no information on the exact amount of the withdrawal fee. It’s clear that free-of-charge cryptocurrency trading is impossible. This is because most services for payment processing, such as PayPal and credit cards, do have fees. 

In other words, a platform without ANY fees is another LIE made by the Anon System to attract inexperienced traders.

Allegedly, this trading bot supports trading with more than 15 different cryptocurrencies. A minimum of €250 is required to start trading with Anon System. 

This is most likely the amount that scammers are hoping to gain from each scammed individual. After finishing the account setup process, they’ll have your personal info, allowing them to call you and insist that you place a deposit. The goal is for people to leave them $250, while not being able to contact the devs later on, once the unsuspecting victims realize they’ve been scammed. 

The rogue marketing affiliates that collaborate and support this theft are true con artists. Sometimes, it is even funny to see how badly they lie. 

For example, in order to mask the fact that there is no bot customization available, they mention customization in the context of time zone and data storage settings.

Another thing about Anon System sounds unrealistic. It promises its users that they will be able to earn more than 1000 USD every day. Needless to say, this is too high an amount. 

Not even the best auto trading systems can promise that, with thousands of positive reviews and after years in business. And we’re supposed to believe that Anon System works with such amazing trading tactics that it makes more money than any other bot in one trading session? Yeah, right.

Scam Alert! Evidence That Proves Anon System Is a Scam

Apart from the evident lies we already pointed out elsewhere, there are more alarming facts about the Anon System auto trading platform.

To begin with, they say that their bot has been featured in Shark Tank, Dragon Den, and This Morning, famous business reality shows in the US and UK. It goes without saying that neither of these shows ever saw the Anon System team.

Besides, didn’t they say that they were anonymous?

Since it’s never enough lying for them, the Anon System team went even further. They claim that a number of world celebrities supported their work, including Gordon Ramsey, Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, and even Elon Musk himself.

Furthermore, Anon System’s privacy policy hides a very dangerous statement. Namely, by using Anon System services, users accept that Anon System can share their sensitive data with third parties. And like that’s not enough, the Anon System openly states that they will sell your data to unknown businesses for their commercial goals.

At the same time, the website provides no information on data protection protocols or licenses. It is easy to guess why – there aren’t any.

Anon System is anonymous


Looking for Tips to Invest With Anon System?

The best thing users can do for their hard-earned money and sensitive data is never to create an Anon System account, let alone trade with it. This is a scam that’s after your money, so no tips will help you when trying to utilize the Anon System bot.

User Feedback

Anon System promises to do the crypto market analysis for the user, and provide them with accurate, fast, and profitable trades.

The bot claims to have around-the-clock customer support. However, there aren’t any trustful customer reviews to confirm the quality of the support.

Also, their website displayed a series of fake testimonials, with profile pictures of random people from free stock photos sites.

Similar feedbacks have several scam crypto bots we have been warning about:

Final Verdict: Is Anon System legit or a scam?

For our Anon System summary, we have to admit that Anon System has a unique way of deceiving its users. While most other rogue crypto bots try to convince people that they are safe, these guys are telling a different story. 

They play on people’s anger with the social circumstances they live in and present themselves as saviors. So, in a very canny way, they play with people’s emotions, money, and data.

Unfortunately, they aren’t here to save anyone. A large number of fake positive “reviews” on the internet tells us that this bot is a member of a large and dangerous affiliate network. 

The fact that this website is illegal in the US tells enough about this bot. It is definitely a SCAM. It is not a crypto automated system and it takes advantage of unsuspecting people and their resources. Therefore, readers are advised to AVOID this bot.


What is the Anon System trading bot?

Anon System trading bot is a suspicious crypto trading platform. Although the scammers claim that Anon System employs a potent AI-powered algorithm that can bring fortune to its users, the reality is something completely different. As we’ve shown in our Anon System review, there aren’t any safety protocols, licenses, or proof that anyone has ever made a profit with this auto trading platform.

Is Anon System Bot a Scam?

There is no doubt that this is a scam. This trading platform uses a system of lies, fake reviews and testimonials to trick people to invest with them, promising hefty profits. However, the majority of users end up losing their money and their data, just like with other fraudulent auto trading systems. 

Is Anon System legit?

No, this platform crypto trading bot is a fraud that users should AVOID.

Can I make money using Anon System?

No. Investing with this trading platform is highly risky, and will most probably lead to losing money, rather than making it.

Is it free to use Anon System?

Yes, the platform charges no fees for making an Anon System trading account. However, the system will ask for €250 to start working, which is a minimum deposit amount. 

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Mary Hamilton

If someone got their money from  Anon System, please inform me! They shot down everything. Scamers first class. Traders were trethening and writing abusive mesages.

Andrew Lewis

100% a scam , do not get sucked in with them , they are extremely bad aggressive people.To the point of threatening you, stay away , you have been warned,scammers.


After making an inquiry I have been harassed with threatening calls because I refused to invest… this is a scam.. Do not trust this company.. if it’s too good to be true it is… very aggressive attitude