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Author page: Michael Klias

Michael KliasI’m a blockchain and smart contract expert with over 7 years of experience managing cryptocurrency funds. I provide lectures and workshops on blockchain and smart contract programming to the crypto community in my region, Dronten.

Now I’m focused on the blockchain industry and offer advice, consulting services, and connections to Blockchain experts. Currently, I contribute as a freelancer to Scammerwatch and help people to avoid fake applications related to the crypto industry.

Through these projects, I acquired intimate knowledge of the inner workings of ICO development, from conception to execution.


  • University of Manitoba
  • Bachelor, Computer Science

Licenses and certificates

  • Applied Machine Learning in Python – Coursera

    Michael Klias applied machine earning in python 2017 certificate
  • How Google does Machine Learning – Google Cloud
    Michael klias Google Machine Learning Certificate

Skills and experience

Reporter at Wilmington Business Journal

Worked as a reporter at the Wilmington Business Journal, where I covered blockchain technology news and its impact on business and the economy in the area. Also worked as an editor and researcher. In addition to this work at the Journal, has also written for a number of other publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Medium, and ScammerWatch.

Business producer for HealthCoin LLC in Hong Kong

Was employed as a business producer for HelathCoin LLC, a blockchain-based health and wellness company based in Hong Kong. HelathCoin created an ecosystem that allows users to personalize and manage their health data, as well as share it with medical professionals of their choice. The company was founded in 2017. HelathCoin LLC raised $1.2 million in seed funding from a number of institutional and private investors.

Product Lead Crypto Ops at Protocol Labs

Built scalable systems (modules) to automate crypto activities like payments, airdrops/faucets, and fraud detection.

Worked on the development of new features for the Protocol Labs suite of products.

Some of my work includes:

  • Development of a system to automatically detect and respond to phishing attacks targeting the Filecoin community;
  • Work on a tool to help users claim their airdropped FILBuilding out a fraud detection system for the Filecoin network;
  • Development of a system to automate payouts for the Filecoin community.

Smart Contract Engineer at Binance

Was focused on the development of novel DeFi-related smart contracts. In particular, has expertise in developing smart contracts for synthetic assets, decentralized exchanges, and lending platforms. He is also a member of the Ethereum Cat Herders, which is a group that helps coordinate Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs).

Junior DeFi Engineer at Olympus DAO

Had the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how various DEXs trade and was responsible for optimizing the execution in those venues.

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