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Bitcoin UP - Crypto Trading Bot anmeldelse af erhvervsdrivende

How to use Bitcoin UP – Full Review

Kryptomarkederne befinder sig i øjeblikket i en bear-fase. Sjovt nok har det ikke meget at gøre med kryptovalutaer og blockchain-udvikling. Denne krypto-vinter er mere et resultat af den massive adoption af bitcoin af finansielle institutioner og store virksomheder, der tilføjer bitcoin og Ethereum til deres balancer.

Bitcoin is starting to be a stock market indicator, and since the economy is going through a threat of recession, bitcoin took the plunge, taking all the other crypto down with it. Still, this is just temporary and didn’t affect the popular image of bitcoin.

And the most prominent image of bitcoin is this exciting trading and chance to win big somehow. Cryptocurrency is still largely unknown, and it’s seen as a magic bullet to reach the golden idea of passive income. 

Bitcoin Up websted

We see the first red flags with the URL. It should read BitcoinUp.app or .io or something, but instead, it’s a very cryptic amazingoffertoday.com – a well-known domain for frauds, followed by lots of code.

Bitcoin Up side ligner amazingoffertoday.com
registrering på Bitcoin op

Lidt anderledes URL nu, bitcoin-up.io, lidt anderledes layout, helt anderledes logo, og den samme registreringsformular.

anden URL
andet logo

This one is a more recent layout obviously, but you notice the consistency of colors, layout and note the FOMO red tape just under the address, it’s typical for this kind of fraud.

What’s wrong with all the different addresses and layouts? Why is that a red flag? First of all, because that’s the way to avoid bad reviews. Instead of big fat Trustpilot negative reviews, you have a diluted count of negative reviews, plus the scammers can delete and re-activate both websites and Trustpilot, giving them a clean slate of sorts.

Trustpilot har talt om Bitcoin Up

Trustpilot om Bitcoin Up

So, there are some bad reviews. Others? Just fakes. How do we know? Because a review that speaks highly of the product is marked with average. Why would someone do this? To fabricate the number of reviews and to make the Reviews overview seem organic. Like, there aren’t only the excellent marks there….

Notice the alert. As per our earlier reviews, there is a registered company address and it’s in London, in an office building. No companies are registered under the name Bitcoin UP. Just an office rent space with some lawyers and such. 

Trustpilot bad reviews repeat the story we’ve seen across all of the Bitcoin <somethign> websites. All frauds, and it goes like this.

Trustpilot dårlige anmeldelser

They sell your data to third-party partners. They’ve said so in the disclaimer, only you would probably never read the fine print. By registering you also allow them to sell your data, contact you, etc. 

So you will be forced to go through with the registration as they are only interested in getting your phone number so that the ‘agents’ could call you and push you to make that $250 deposit. 

Endnu et rødt flag. Velrenommerede kryptobørser accepterer ethvert beløb. Selv krypto-tjenester som kryptoopsparingskonti accepterer så lidt som $10 som startinvestering. 

Endelig dom

Dette er et kendt svindelnummer! Du må ikke falde for det.

Ofte stillede spørgsmål om Bitcoin UP

Hvad er Bitcoin UP?

Det er et falsk websted. De vil have dine data, så agenterne kan ringe til dig og bede om et depositum på $250 og love et stort afkast af investeringen. Faktum er, at der ikke er nogen kryptohandel, ingen penge at tjene, kun mæglere, der fisker efter indskud.

Er Bitcoin UP et fupnummer?

Ja. Det er en del af bedrageriske websteder, et totalt svindelnummer.

Hvor mange penge kan jeg tjene med Bitcoin UP?

Judging by reviews, you can’t profit from Bitcoin UP. You can only lose a $250 deposit.

Er Bitcoin UP legit?

Nej. Det er et fupnummer. Der er dog lovlige advarsler i ansvarsfraskrivelsen. Ved at registrere dig accepterer du, at dine data bliver solgt eller overført til tredjepart. Du accepterer at blive kontaktet af agenter (for at aflytte dig om indskud).