Crypto Code – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Crypto Code – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

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Crypto Code Review


Multiple websites
Fake reviews
No address or contact information
Part of a fraud chain



  • No advantages at all to using Crypto Code


  • Misleading language and design trick people into opening an account and depositing funds
  • At least three different Crypto Code websites
  • Associated with multiple other scams

Key takeways

  1. Several websites belonging to the same company that is known for fraudulent activities.
  2. Crypto Code can potentially steal information from the phone as the application is available for download from third-party links.
  3. There are no licenses, verifiable data, or even real reviews to confirm their history.


How to Use Crypto Code – Full Review: Is It Wise to Invest with This Bot?

Investing money is much wiser than spending it. There are a few options worth considering when one wishes to invest. There’s Forex trading, stock exchange, and lately cryptocurrency.

The crypto market is growing and is currently trending. The most popular choices include mining and trading.

To help people with the latter, smart people invented crypto trading bots. Once set up, they essentially do it on a person’s behalf without much oversight.

However, as we will demonstrate in this Crypto Code review, for every legitimate trading bot, there seem to be at least two scams. They promise high returns with their cutting-edge auto-trading systems and bots.

Crypto Code is one such scamming bot. Its creators used top-notch design and elusive language to trick people. Opening a Crypto Code account will not ease the trading process for crypto investors. It will instead rob them of their money.

But let’s start by carefully reviewing the websites (yes, plural), account registration process, minimum deposit, payment options, security, and more.

Security (everything about licensing, docs, secure systems, etc) 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 100%
Minimum deposit and payment options 10%
Demo account 0%
Support and tutorials 0%
Profit (according to User reviews) 0%
Overall rating 10%

More Than One Crypto Code Website

As most of our readers know, these schemes usually have multiple websites. And to no surprise, it is the case once more with Crypto Code. There are at least three Crypto Code websites in existence.

first Crypto Code website
second three Crypto Code website
third three Crypto Code website

We were expecting several more, but it turns out that most domain names containing the words “crypto” and “code” are already taken. Most of them are for sale, but the prices go into tens of thousands of dollars.

Since the crypto market is so big and, in fraudsters’ minds, there are many prospective victims, they just couldn’t be bothered to invest so much money in this scam.

They are just part of the fraud chain, making their business praising the scams:

Crypto Code is Part of Investors Corp

However, what surprised us the most was that the “official” website for Crypto Code is one registered to Investors Corp. As shown in the picture below, Crypto Code is actually the name of the subdomain.

Crypto Code is an Investors Corp subdomain

A subdomain is a part of a website. It is used to separate and organize content better. Consider it a section dedicated to a particular side of a business. For example, if you have a website dedicated to your art, you may have a webshop subdomain.

And it has already been seen before. It is the same as Cryptosoft, Yuan Pay Group, Ethereum Code, and Crypto Cash, right down to the identical design and copy.

Cryptosoft is the same design
Yuanpay is the same design
Etherium Code is the same design
Crypto Cash is the same design

When we tried to reach the Investors Corp website, access was forbidden. This means that that part of the website isn’t public and only certain people can see it, like those who own the domain, a.k.a. the fraudsters.

Investors Corp website access is forbidden

This proves two things. Firstly, there is something fishy going on. A company with various products or services may use subdomains. This is especially true if those target different audiences.

However, their main website is always transparent. All of the information about the company, its brand and vision, and its employees can be found there. It simply isn’t the case with Investors Corp.

Secondly, the same perpetrators are committing these fraudulent activities under various names. Which makes it quite convenient for us to expose them when they group their scamming crypto bots in one place.

Mistakes, Mistakes

It is to be expected that the scammers running all of these hustles at a certain point simply can’t keep up. It’s when the mistakes start to happen, and this allows us to uncover their frauds.

Reviewing some of the Crypto Code websites, it is obvious that they are at times not even sure of their own name, as evidenced below.

FAQ of Crypto Code
Mistakes of Crypto Code

The truth is they use the exact copy (and layout) and they forgot to change the name in all of the places. Oops!

Such mistakes have any cloned website, made by the same criminal team behind a series of scam crypto bots such as:

Is There or Isn’t There a Crypto Code Mobile App?

One of their websites explicitly states that they offer a mobile app version as well. However, there isn’t one in Google Play Store.

crypto code app

This is concerning for several reasons. Mainly because Google Store does the initial screening of any apps being downloaded. If there’s malware, it will warn the user.

But more importantly, because many private and access data are stored on the phones, you don’t want to compromise it. The most important is your banking information.

Downloading an app from untrusted sources puts those data at risk. An app, like the Crypto Code one, could potentially steal the information from the phone.

It is best to avoid downloading any apps from unverified sources.

Are There Any Real Crypto Code Users?

The testimonials section on these websites is always particularly amusing to investigate. All praises and nice pictures may look fake, and it’s because they are.

Real Crypto Code Users

The realm of the internet offers so many possibilities. One of them is buying stock images to post on a website making it look more professional. This way act several scam crypto bots we have been warning about:

Or, in the case of Crypto Code, to falsy present them as very satisfied customers.

stock images on Crypto Code
stock images on Crypto Code
stock images on Crypto Code
stock images on Crypto Code

The Missing Address

Most professionally-designed websites have a physical address listed in the footer. Or, at least, contact information. The same is often found in the Contact Us section.

And yet, there isn’t an address or contact info anywhere on Crypto Code’s websites. Not even social media handles.

At this point, our research took us to other parts of the internet. We found an address listed on their “official” Trustpilot page.

fake physical address on Trustpilot

Naturally, we compared this information against the UK government database. We found exactly zero companies registered to the same address.

no result found on for Crypto Code

This further proves that Crypto Code simply cannot be trusted.

Fake Trustpilot Reviews

While we were on their Trustpilot page, we also checked their score and some of the comments. And it turned out most of them are fake.

It seems that the scammers have created multiple bot accounts to boost credibility on Trustpilot. While there are no bad reviews, the good ones are no good either.

First of all, a great number of them are solicited. To promote transparency and organic reputation growth, Trustpilot labels the solicited reviews as “Invited”.

Fake Trustpilot Review

This means that the company directly invited these people to post a review. This in itself isn’t a bad thing. But combined with the fact that most of the people only ever posted once, it is proof of their bot army boosting the score.

Suspitious Trustpilot Review

FAQ about Crypto Code

What is Crypto Code?

Crypto Code is a fraudulent crypto trading bot. Its creators made it to scam people and steal their money.

Is Crypto Code a scam?

Crypto Code is a scam. The “trading bot” is invented to make people invest, only to lose money and precious time.

How much money can I make with Crypto Code?

You can’t make money with Crypto Code. It is a scamming trading bot designed to take away your money and never deliver any profit.

Is Crypto Code legit?

Crypto Code is not a legitimate crypto bot. There are no licenses, verifiable data, or even real testimonials to support their story.


Our Verdict: Crypto Code Is a Scam For Sure!

Extensive research presented in this Crypto Code review proves that it is a scam. Its creators have also created other fraudulent crypto trading bots in hopes of scamming novices to the cryptocurrency market. It is very unwise and unsafe to invest with them.

We caution our readers to do proper research into any such trading bot. Crypto traders should investigate and do a proper market analysis before committing their money. Many of these so-called trading platforms and crypto bots are hoaxes and will lose people money, rather than gain it. 
New users should be wary of any of these auto trading systems that promise significant profit, a.k.a. unrealistic. It is best to understand the industry first and then search for a proper and verified trading bot, thus making everything easier.


William Garcia

I found the user interface on Crypto Cash to be confusing and unintuitive. It was difficult to figure out how to make trades, and the platform was not well-organized. I would not recommend using Crypto Cash.

Rina Patel

Crypto Code is just another scam, I’m afraid. They make you deposit money with the promise of huge profits, but when I tried to withdraw the funds – no can do. Don’t waste money and avoid these criminals.