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Bitcoin Future – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

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Bitcoin Future Review


Supposedly an automatic trading system
No online security protocols
No algorithm
Important information not provided



  • Opening a new account is easy, fast and simple
  • Use is free of charge


  • No online protection
  • Lack of any licenses
  • A fraudulent platform

Key takeways

  1. Bitcoin Future is another fraudulent platform that boasts a non-existent AI algorithm.
  2. Is a member of a known fraudulent affiliate network.
  3. Almost openly admits that they are a non-existent company.
  4. The platform reserves the right to sell the personal data of its users.


Bitcoin Future: Scam Alert! Full Review

Bitcoin Future - Crypto Trading Bot Review

Every year, scammers manage to find a way to make a bigger damage to the growing crypto industry. They use very canny psychological and marketing tricks to convince people to deposit money on their fake platforms. Unfortunately, these people end up being robbed of both their deposits and sensitive data.

In this Bitcoin Future review, we will expose another example of a scam crypto robot. Firstly, we will go through their lies and big promises. Then, we will reveal the sad and dangerous truth behind this bot and those alike.

Ease of use
Minimum deposit and payment options
Demo account
Support and tutorials
Overall rating


Bitcoin Future: the Risks

  • Strong resemblance to other crypto bot scams
  • Unfriendly privacy policy
  • No cybersecurity 
  • No licenses
  • Unethical marketing techniques

What Is Bitcoin Future?

Bitcoin Future is an auto trading system that is most often described as one of the best automated trading platforms for those who want to make money. 

Some reviewers also claim that it is recognized as one of the best Bitcoin trading robots but also for several other cryptocurrencies. 

What we write below about the Bitcoin Future platform are just the words of others who have written about this trading bot. Do not take them as absolute truth.

The Bitcoin Future app was designed to enable the automated trading system to read financial news and monitor cryptocurrency market movements.

In the Bitcoin Future app, trading robots automatically complete transactions and observe cryptocurrency market trends. When it detects potentially beneficial trade signals, it automatically performs the trader’s trade. This allows cryptocurrency traders to make money almost every day.

The Bitcoin Future app helps traders in making money through profitable trades. When an automated trading robot catches a profitable cryptocurrency market alert and identifies the best trade deal, a transaction is automatically made without the trader’s approval

They call this passive income, but is it really that?

Many people might still be wondering if the Bitcoin Future is legit or not. That’s what we will clarify and explain by the end of this Bitcoin Future review.

Bitcoin Future’s So-Called Features

  • It is able to read financial news and analyze the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. This software is faster to analyze in any given situation.
  • It provides excellent and reliable security, and the verification process on this platform is fast.
  • Does not charge any additional fees, except for the fees already stated on this platform. 
  • It is operated through a broker. They automate all the work for traders. 
  • When you open a new Bitcoin Future account, the software will review the details provided by each user. In addition, the verification process is quick and easy. 
  • The payout system is managed after each trading session, and traders can withdraw their profits.

How can I create a Bitcoin Future account?

The new Bitcoin Future account opening process is easy, fast, and simple. The process of opening a Bitcoin Future account is broken up into a few steps, but to create a new account, you need to first deposit money into it and then enter a name and email address. 

More precisely, you’ll be asked to enter your name and e-mail address, choose a password, select the language in which you want to create your account, choose a delivery country, and enter the bank transfer or debit card details.

And here we go, you created a new account and now you can start trading.

However, before going for live trading, you will have to set trade settings such as the stop-loss limit for the profile.

Bitcoin Future: the Risks and Red Flags

1. Strong resemblance to other crypto bot scams

Scammers sometimes make their websites look exactly like legitimate monetary news sites to trick users into believing that they are getting legitimate news. Yet, those who made the Bitcoin Future platform were not that smart.

If you google other trading robots scams and take a look at those auto trading platforms’ sites, you will notice that the Bitcoin Future App looks a lot like them:

This is so obvious that we might not even need to point it out.

2. Unfriendly privacy policy

But the Bitcoin Future App’s privacy policy states that the site has access to the users’ “all personal information.” The information might include your name, address, phone number, and email address. 

3. No cybersecurity

The platform claims that they may be “required” to transfer personal information about you to third parties. On Bitcoin Future’s web platform, you can find the statement that “the company” cannot ensure the protection of your personal information when transferred via the internet to them.

It tracks your online activity log, traffic information, web and mobile page(s) visited, language used, Bitcoin Future software crash reports, and type of browser used. It might be able to access your text messages as well.

4. No licenses

How come you declare your trading robot as one of the best auto trading robots but you don’t have a license to enclose it? We will let you do the math yourself. 

5. Unethical marketing techniques

At the top of the list of unethical marketing is marketing that misinterprets or overstates the truth, followed closely by marketing that uses unrealistic or modified images. Does that sound familiar to you, too?

Yet, before we discuss these red flags in detail and unravel the truth behind Bitcoin Future, let’s first see what these criminals have to say about themselves.

Bitcoin Future Trading Bot: a Scam Exposed

The Bitcoin Future is another scam auto trading platform, boasting a non-existent AI algorithm that brings impossible profits.

The reasons one should avoid this platform are many, and we are about to enlist them all.

According to their official website and affiliate reviews, Bitcoin Future is a trading platform that operates an auto trading robot powered by Artificial Intelligence. And, what’s best, this latest technology comes to users absolutely free of charge

The only thing users need to do is deposit a minimum of 250 US dollars and wait for the magic to happen.

deposit $250 to Bitcoin Future

There are many positive testimonials by fake users who swear that hundreds of users are becoming financially independent and earning a consistent passive income with Bitcoin Future.

Note that the content on any website should not be considered investment advice. 

The Bitcoin Future’s bot is faster and more accurate than any other existing live trading bot in the world. While the most expensive bots predict changes in cryptocurrency prices with 70% of accuracy, Bitcoin Future is 96% accurate. 

features of Bitcoin Future

Although even the best and the most popular auto trading robots can’t always keep up with all the changes in the volatile cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin Future is 0.1 seconds faster than the trading market itself.

Therefore, they say, this superior (and free) technology can make up to $7000 of profit a day. Every single day!

superior (and free) technology can make up to $7000 of profit a day

Sounds like a dream? Probably because it is.

The reality behind this bot is far less attractive and glittering than the lies their website and fake reviews are filled with.

The bots keep flooding the web with false and spam reviews to the point where new algorithms can’t identify real customers from fake ones. The risks to lose money are much higher. Bitcoin Future is a member of a well-known rogue affiliate network:

The Truth Behind Bitcoin Future Web Platform

Before we go on with the evidence that Bitcoin Future trading platform is a scam, let’s first point out one thing. Although they promise a lot, the team behind Bitcoin Future doesn’t give us the following crucial information:

  • Who are its developers
  • What does the platform look like and which features does it have
  • Contact form, in case of any issues
  • Customer support team
  • Company address and tax number

When we want to check if a company is legit, this is the information we need to know. However, Bitcoin Future is secretive about each of them. In turn, we conclude that these guys aren’t to be trusted.

Security and Licenses of Bitcoin Future: Unknown

Legit crypto trading robots guarantee online privacy through strict cybersecurity protocols and genuine site stamps. As can be seen from Bitcoin Future’s website, this platform has zero online protection.

Security and Licenses of Bitcoin Future

The same goes for the licenses. The platform doesn’t display any information about licenses. They don’t even bother to lie.

Perhaps the most problematic section of their website is the privacy policy, which can be seen in the screenshot below.

Bitcoin Future is a non-existing company

As can be seen, Bitcoin Future almost openly admits that they are a non-existing company!

But what’s far less amusing and far more dangerous are the sentences that refer to user data. Namely, the platform keeps the right to sell its users’ personal data (such as credit and debit cards and bank account credentials, phone numbers, etc.) to “other third parties”.

third parties

Of course, we don’t know who these third parties are, and we probably never will.

So, there it is. The privacy policy of this platform reveals the purpose of this website. There is no algorithm and no auto trading platform. These guys are here to steal people’s money and harvest as much data as possible.

To those thinking that it’s not important where their online data goes, we say, think again. Bitcoin Future is a copy-paste scam and a creation of a dangerous international criminal group.

According to countless testimonials from users who took the bait and made an account on scam platforms such as Bitcoin Future, the criminals would call them on the phone dozens of times a day, trying to make the person deposit more money.

In the screenshots below, readers can see another proof that automated trading software is a scam. The homepages of all these “crypto trading bots” are almost exactly the same. They are all cheap, have useless or no content, and display exactly the same video. Obviously, these are all creations of the same group of people, that created a well-known scam network:

The homepages of Bitcoin Future


registration of Bitcoin Future

The only important conclusion that we can draw is that these guys have no incentive to help you trade well and no clue how to do so.

User Feedback on Bitcoin Future

Although Bitcoin Future has a quite high rating on Trustpilot (4.0 out of 5), this is just another manipulation. This rating comes from only six reviews, of which five are positive. Interestingly, all of the positive reviews have an “invited” label. This label indicates that these users have been invited by the “company” to leave a review. 

Could it be that the profiles are fake and created by this very “company”, so as to make it appear like people are genuinely satisfied with Bitcoin Future? Most probably, this is the case, as most “satisfied customers” have only one review on Trustpilot.

fake feedback on Bitcoin Future

Example no. 1

fake review on Bitcoin Future

Example no. 2

fake feedback on Bitcoin Future

Example no. 3

Our Final Verdict: SCAM ALERT!

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no doubt about this one. This Bitcoin Future review showed that this is a textbook example of a scam. They didn’t provide us with any important information (company address, tax number, tutorials). At the same time, they don’t have any licenses or cybersecurity measures.

Probably the most obvious proof that the automated trading platform is a scam is its website. It is cheap and looks almost the same as dozens of other scam trading platforms. For this and many other reasons, we are certain that this is NOT an auto trading platform but merely a website created by criminals whose only purpose is to steal people’s money and sensitive data.

Therefore, users who are looking for investment opportunities are strongly advised to AVOID this platform and use proven crypto trading platforms instead.


Is it safe to trade with the Bitcoin Future crypto trading bot?

Absolutely not. On the contrary, Bitcoin Future is what is often referred to as the “wrong side of the internet”. This website doesn’t follow any online security protocols, and even openly admits that it sells user data to third parties.

How much money can I make with Bitcoin Future?

It is impossible to generate profits from Bitcoin Future, as the website doesn’t have any online trading algorithm.

Is Bitcoin Future legit?

No, Bitcoin Future is an absolute scam. 

Do I need experience in cryptocurrency trading to trade with Bitcoin Future? 

The level of your live trading experience in crypto is irrelevant for Bitcoin Future, as the platform doesn’t have anything to do with cryptocurrencies. It only uses crypto to lure people into making an account on the platform and depositing money. 

Is trading with Bitcoin Future safe?

The answer is no. Bitcoin Future trading software doesn’t even exist.

What are the features of Bitcoin Future?

There is no given information about what features Bitcoin Future offers.

Is there a Bitcoin Future mobile app?

No, there is no official mobile app.

Does Bitcoin Future offer you to make a demo account?

The platform provides you with a live account for trying out live trading that involves no real money.


Kenji Nakamura

The user interface was confusing and the customer support was unhelpful, leaving me feeling frustrated and unable to see any profits. Could no longer reach the support after a while. Extremely disappointed with Bitcoin Future.

Madison Evans

My experience with Bitcoin Future was it’s a complete disaster. I was lured in by the promise of easy profits, but ended up losing my entire investment. To make matters worse, I was bombarded with spam emails and phone calls from their aggressive sales team, pressuring me to deposit more money. Steer clear of Bitcoin Future if you value your financial wellbeing.