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Bitcoin Evolution – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Bitcoin Evolution Full Review: A Notorious Scam!

Bitcoin Evolution Full Review

The growing number of fake crypto trading bots calls for urgent action. Although the crypto community is well aware of the methods these alleged auto trading platforms use to attract new users, the crooks target a different audience. They primarily target people without any experience in crypto trading. 

Therefore, it is our duty to work on educating people about the dangers of trading with untrusted platforms for cryptocurrency trading. After setting up trade parameters and your preferred trading strategy, they’re supposed to provide solid investment advice, trade Bitcoin on users’ behalf, and make a substantial passive income. 

Unfortunately, that’s not how these scams work. It’s necessary to expose rogue platforms and the sneaky strategies they employ to steal money from innocent people, as soon as they create a trading account on the fraudulent trading system. 

Is Bitcoin Evolution legit?

Unfortunately – no. In this Bitcoin Evolution review, we will unmask another in the long line of fraudulent crypto trading platforms. Also, we will show how to recognize these kinds of fake auto trading robots, in order to prevent people from being victims of their lies in the future. But, first, let’s take a look at some of the features and give an overall assessment.

Security (everything about licensing, docs, secure systems, etc) 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 10%
Minimum deposit and payment options 10%
Demo account 100%
Support and tutorials 10%
Profit (according to User reviews) 10%
Overall rating 10%

Bitcoin Evolution: Scam Summary

  • Unethical marketing strategies
  • Declined withdrawals
  • No crypto trading algorithm
  • Official warnings against the platform
  • No data privacy protocols
  • Hostile privacy policy
  • No licenses

What is Bitcoin Evolution Trading Bot? Deep Web Platform Analysis

Bitcoin Evolution is a superstar among scam crypto trading bots. It has been cheating people for a couple of years now by making them create a Bitcoin Evolution account for starters, and promising that it would be successfully trading Bitcoin. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they are planning to stop. 

If one reads Bitcoin Evolution’s official website or affiliate reviews, one finds that the details about this trading software are clearly invented. Right from the start, Bitcoin Evolution appears to be a fraudulent cryptocurrency trading system.

For example, Bitcoin Evolution’s crypto trading algorithm allegedly has a “laser-accurate performance”. Bitcoin Evolution offers to predict changes in cryptocurrency values with 99.4% accuracy and make deals 0.01 seconds before they change. 

Yeah, right. It’s obvious that Bitcoin Evolution operations have not been based on accurate prediction and solid trading strategies for making profitable trades. Rather, this is a shameless scam that certainly won’t execute trades in a successful manner.

If this were true, this Bitcoin trading platform would have the most revolutionary technology for dealing in the Bitcoin market that the world has ever seen. It would also make the Bitcoin Evolution Review much more positive. Because, at the moment, no technology can perform that well in predicting anything, let alone the hyper-volatile crypto market. 

Furthermore, the web platform is “optimized” for most devices, and there is even a mobile phone app on Google Play. However, the Bitcoin Evolution app doesn’t seem to be working. 

Bitcoin Evolution Features

The number of available features on the Bitcoin Evolution platform is rather limited as per Bitcoin Evolution reviews:

  • Live trading
  • Broker assistance
  • Demo mode for demo trading

Only having the live trading session and demo trading feature is rather suspicious. These are the only Bitcoin Evolution key features, which is, honestly, ridiculous for a supposedly legit auto trading platform. 

The inexplicable absence of trading tools that we’ve gotten used to with other trading robots would make us give this bot thumbs down even if it was legit.

The demo trading platform itself could be a rather useful feature. It normally allows users to analyze the trading signals and look for trading opportunities in a completely simulated environment. This means you can’t lose any money with it, which is great for preparing beginners for unsimulated automated or manual trading. But in this case, the demo feature is just part of the overall scam.

Also, the Bitcoin Evolution automated trading tool is perfect for those people who like to entrust their money and confidential details to shady platforms with unknown owners, headquarter address, launch dates, or automated trading robots. The platform doesn’t provide us with this important information that everyone interested in cryptocurrency trading platforms would want to know.

The minimum deposit to start live trading is $250. However, this is the exact amount users will lose when they start trading, because Bitcoin Evolution’s software has no actual algorithm for its trading processes and doesn’t allow withdrawals. Therefore, it is impossible to win any profit with this so-called auto trading bot, let alone to have a daily profit. You’ll just lose everything you invested in a single trading session, as soon as you create a new trading account and place a deposit. 

The payments are available via credit cards, PostPay, Skrill, and PayPal. However, users are advised to NEVER USE any of these and never make any deposits on Bitcoin Evolution, even a minimum deposit. 

If they do, it is highly likely that the users will never see the deposited money again. The cryptocurrency market is indeed volatile, but avoiding such rogue platforms is necessary. Moreover, it is one of a well-known scam network:

Multiple Websites

It’s interesting that there is not just one Bitcoin Evolution website. On the contrary, the Bitcoin Evolution software has several websites with different domain names and not the original full name. 

Why would any reliable company confuse its users in such a way? The Evolution review is focused on debunking the alleged Bitcoin Evolution legitimacy.

The last screenshot of the French version of the site shows that the crooks aren’t aiming only English speaking markets. This is a form of international organized crime, which will hopefully be discovered and prosecuted soon.

Besides, no matter which Bitcoin Evolution’s website you examine, you’ll find that all of them are very basic and obviously cheap. If a company can’t (or doesn’t care to) afford a proper website, it is a major sign that it isn’t a trustful business. Making a Bitcoin Evolution account and making even a minimum deposit are not steps in the right direction.

There is an attempt to list some Bitcoin Evolution pros on the websites, but when you read it carefully, it’s just a bunch of generalized fluff words that don’t really mean much to users interested in trading robots. If you’re interested in using Bitcoin Evolution, such empty words won’t do you any good.

Moreover, allegedly, many celebrities have endorsed the Bitcoin Evolution robot, but googling these supposed endorsements doesn’t provide any tangible results. This is obviously just another lie.

Security and Licenses

Is Bitcoin Evolution secure? No way. It doesn’t employ any cyber security measures, which is unacceptable for a legit crypto platform. In other words, it means that users’ sensitive data such as bank account numbers are exposed.

Actually, Bitcoin Evolution openly admits that they are stealing data from their users. The following screenshot shows the statement from the bottom of their website’s homepage. Such a trading platform is the last place where you would want to open an account.

In simple words, they can do with users’ private data whatever they want and share it with any third party of their choosing. In this Bitcoin Evolution review we want to point out that a legit trading platform must have all the necessary licenses and security measures introduced to be able to operate. Otherwise, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re dealing with a fraudulent cryptocurrency trading platform.

How does Bitcoin Evolution work in terms of scamming the users? Firstly, minutes after making an account on Bitcoin Evolution, users can expect persistent phone calls to start. This, by the way, is something that often happens with many cryptocurrency trading platforms which are actually just immoral attempts to steal people’s money. 

The speaker from the other side will be nice at first, asking private questions and trying to extort more money. Once the user refuses to cooperate, the person on the other side will become very rude. This is when people realize that they made an error by making a minimum deposit to their Bitcoin Evolution account.

Instead of making a daily profit, some users report being called from more than 40 different numbers, so blocking them doesn’t help. The only way to get out of the vicious circle is to politely explain that no further investments are possible due to lack of money.

Bitcoin Evolution Red Flags and Fraud Indication

There are several ways to be sure that Bitcoin Evolution is a fraud without any doubt. So, let’s investigate closer.

We have already shown some signs of fraud, such as multiple websites and a sneaky privacy policy.

Other than that, Australian and Estonian national financial authorities issued an official warning against Bitcoin Evolution. The warning came as a result of fake websites and refused withdrawals. Along with Bitcoin Evolution, attention was called to other fake crypto platforms, such as:

and a number of other crypto trading bots.

Traditionally, these platforms use fake news to drive traffic and manipulate people to sign up. They make up stories that celebrities such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Martin Lewis, or Alex Ferguson made a lot of money thanks to their platform. The news usually contains a link to one of the rogue platforms signup pages.

Then, they invest in ads, and unsuspecting people start making accounts. It seems like a simple process, and they want to try live and demo trading.

However, perhaps the nastiest thing these tricksters do is fabricate large numbers of fake reviews. They pay their affiliates good money to write lies about how awesome these platforms are. In turn, people researching Bitcoin Evolution get to read nothing but praise, leading them to take the bait and deposit money.

User Feedback on Bitcoin Evolution: Stolen Funds and Unauthorized Transactions!

Bitcoin Evolution claims to have around-the-clock customer support service. However, even if they did have it, it would not make up for what they’ve been doing to their users.

According to organic reviews on Trustpilot and elsewhere, people are complaining about some serious issues:

  • stolen funds (the customer support becomes unresponsive when a customer demands a withdrawal)
  • unauthorized credit card transactions

In order to avoid such issues, users are advised to stay away from Bitcoin Evolution, as well as from other similar platforms:

Our Final Verdict: Bitcoin Evolution Is An International Scam!

In a Bitcoin Evolution summary, we can say that it is light years away from being a legit crypto trading bot. It is one of the most famous crypto bot scams in the world.

This so-called auto trading robot has multiple cloned websites and uses the same rogue marketing methods applied by dozens of other similar platforms. Besides, they are even on the radar of the authorities, which have issued official warnings about them.

Once the user makes an account on Bitcoin Evolution, it is very hard to get rid of them. One of the ways to stop the phone calls is to change the contact information in the broker account. Another way to help stop this hoax is to report them to the police.

Finally, the scam crypto trading bots can be recognized in the following ways:

  • Look for keywords such as “completely automated tool”, “doesn’t need human supervision”, “fully automated software” etc. Not even the best bots can work without any form of human supervision, and that is not their point. The crypto trading bots monitor the market and notify users about good deals. The users, however, need to check their bot’s performance quite frequently.
  • Legit crypto trading bots have multiple options and customization available. If a bot has only one or several features, it is a red flag. In this case, the only Bitcoin Evolution features are, supposedly, live and demo trading options.
  • Scam crypto robots usually promise too much. It is impossible to become a millionaire in one month or predict the crypto market with more than 50-70% accuracy.
  • Considering the rising number of fake crypto bots, users are advised to thoroughly research a platform before investing. The research should take into consideration unbiased reports, such as this Bitcoin Evolution review, and critical thinking about the platform’s offer.

Finding a legit and trusted crypto trading bot might take some time and effort, but it could save you thousands of dollars.


Is Bitcoin Evolution free to use?

Theoretically, yes. They don’t charge any service fees. However, the real cost of trading Bitcoin with Bitcoin Evolution is lost deposits and privacy, because the platform sells personal contact details to third parties as soon as you create the Bitcoin Evolution trading account. Everyone who tested Bitcoin Evolution lost the entirety of their investment in the process.

How does Bitcoin Evolution work?

The Bitcoin Evolution system is a fake crypto trading platform, just like many other auto trading platforms. It only poses as a crypto trading platform, while in reality, it is only a system for deceiving people on the supposed trading platform and stealing their money and data once they attempt to begin trading with it.

How much money can I make with Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is not a genuine platform, so profits are impossible. On the contrary, there is a high risk of losing money when trading with Bitcoin Evolution.