Profit Revolution – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Profit Revolution – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

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Profit Revolution Review


Supposedly a cryptocurrency trading bot
There are at least four websites
Member of a fraudulent network
Fake endorsements from celebrities



  • The only advantage is that one of the sites discloses that this fraud was created by a criminal group


  • Absence of physical address and phone numbers
  • The domain AllIn1Bitcoin is associated with several other scams
  • A high number of warning signs telling us this is most definitely a fraud

Key takeways

  1. One of the sites redirects to the "parent" site of the AllIn1 Bitcoin group, where it is clearly demonstrated that this and several other bots are the product of the same group of fraudsters.
  2. This activity is illegal and the company does not have any licenses or even a registration number.
  3. There is no algorithm behind this bot, so it is a one-way activity: the consumer loses everything and the fraudsters get rich.


Full Review of Profit Revolution: What Is It and Is It Worth Investing?

Time management has become imperative for today’s lifestyle. Automatizing processes is crucial to saving time.

One such little helper is the crypto trading bot. For anyone in the crypto trading industry, bots can be helpful to avoid spending endless time in front of a screen.

However, numerous scams are posing as crypto bots. These scammers rely on people’s inexperience in the industry. They think a pretty website and a good story are all it takes.

Unfortunately for them, we are working diligently to expose any such scheme, as is the case in this Profit Revolution review.

Today, we will look at this alleged crypto bot to see just how much effort they put into covering their tracks. We will expose the truth about it and educate our readers on what to pay attention to.

While it is becoming increasingly harder to tell the fake crypto bot from the real one, it is not impossible.

Security (everything about licensing, docs, secure systems, etc) 0%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 100%
Minimum deposit and payment options 10%
Demo account 50%
Support and tutorials 0%
Profit (according to User reviews 0%
Overall rating 20%


Upon the initial screening of the multiple websites we could find, we have concluded that the Profit Revolution trading bot is nothing but a scam. And here’s why.

Profit Revolution – Pretty Interface to Cover Up the Scam

While we have to congratulate the designers on making multiple websites, the presentation lacks substance.

First of all, there are no less than four websites we’ve uncovered. This is the type of thing where one should immediately be skeptical.

Profit Revolution site
Profit Revolution registration form

Profit Revolution – Already Seen Website Designs

Profit Revolution design is similar to Yuan Pay Group

Secondly, this website design has already been seen and used by Yuan Pay trading bot:

Yuan Pay design

And News Spy:

News Spy site

And Ethereum Code:

similar website layout to Ethereum Code

And Cryptosoft:

Cryptosoft site

And Crypto Trader as well:

Crypto Trader site

This is all the more suspicious. It can mean two things. Either the same designer is employed and they are very lazy, or (most likely) the same group is perpetrating these scams.

All-In-1 Scam

However, we have uncovered an even more upsetting website, the one whose domain is AllIn1Bitcoin.

AllIn1Bitcoin site

Obviously, we were curious and we checked the homepage. That proved to be the best step forward because, among other things, we have seen this:

these are all scams

 In our extensive reviews of Yuan Pay Group, Immediate Edge, 1k Daily Profit robot, Bitcoin Buyer, and The News Spy, to name a few, we have shown these are all scams.

And now we have proof that they are all executed by the same group or individual, united under the name All-In-1 Bitcoin. More like All-In-1 Scam!

No Address for Profit Revolution

As is usual with these scams, there isn’t a phone number or a physical address anywhere on the websites to be found. All the more reason to be suspicious of these bots.

So we checked elsewhere. Trustpilot was helpful, as there was an address registered with them.

Fake Address for Profit Revolution
Different Address for Profit Revolution

And we found two different addresses for the same company. The prefix “en.” only means that the website is in English. But the domain – – is the same, so it is the same website.

Since this is in the UK, we checked the official government database. There are no companies registered on any of these addresses:

No Address for Profit Revolution
No Address for Profit Revolution

Fake Celebrity Endorsements of Profit Revolution

Profit Revolution has been endorsed by Snoop Dogg, Ashton Kutcher, and Dan Bilzerian, among others. Or that is what they want the users to believe.

Fake Testimonials of Profit Revolution

This is just the first page to scroll through. When we went to the next one, and the next one, and even the next one, we found this:

Fake Testimonials of Profit Revolution
Fake Testimonials of Profit Revolution
Fake Testimonials of Profit Revolution

It appears they thought nobody would actually be bothered to look. So they just put Dan Bilzerian’s photo to all of the other celebrities. No reputable company would ever let a mistake like this happen.

Furthermore, looking at the statements, it is obvious that these celebrities talk about Bitcoin in general. What’s more, some of these statements are completely fake! They never happened.

It is notoriously known that Alibaba’s Jack Ma is anti-Bitcoin. While he appreciates the technology behind it, he has stated that Bitcoin is a bubble and has no intention of buying it.

Fake Celebrity Endorsements also used by these scam platforms, we’ve reviewed before:

Their laziness and lack of any authenticity just make our job of proving they are a scam that much easier.

Trustpilot Is Often Misused by the Scammers

While websites such as Trustpilot are often useful indicators of a company’s reputation, they can be abused. The premise is that the reviewers are real people with real-life experiences with the company.

However, the scammers have figured this out. They know people trust other people for recommendations. So they have found a way to post fake positive reviews about themselves.

These bots, fake accounts created to post positive things about a company, can sometimes be detected by the website itself. When such a thing happens, Trustpilot issues a warning.

Trustpilot Is Often Misused by the Scammers

If a company cannot be trusted to let reviewers post honest comments, how can it be trusted when it comes to doing business?

How to Tell the Fake and Real Reviews Apart?

If there is no warning, how can one tell which reviews are fake? There are a few indicators.

Firstly, there is the number of comments a person has posted. Usually, with these types of schemes, bot accounts only have one or two reviews.

What’s more, there is a label “Invited”. This means that the user has been invited by the company to post on Trustpilot.

Fake Reviews
Fake Reviews

If all of the comments are like this or even the majority, it is a clear sign that something fishy is going on. It is best to seek a second opinion, dig deeper, or better still not invest at all.

Similar Trustpilot reviews have several scam crypto bots we have written about:

FAQs on Profit Revolution

What is Profit Revolution?

Profit Revolution is a scam. It poses as a crypto bot, but it actually cheats people and fraudulently takes their money.

Is Profit Revolution a scam?

Profit Revolution is most definitely a scam. It is part of a group called “AllIn1 Bitcoin”, which has other scheming trading bots, such as Yuan Pay, Bitcoin Buyer, and Ethereum Code, among others.

Should I invest with Profit Revolution?

It is very unwise to invest with Profit Revolution. This is a fraudulent website, meant to deceive people and take their money away.

Is Profit Revolution a legit crypto bot?

No, Profit Revolution is not a crypto bot. It is a scheme posing as a trading bot to make people invest, only to never see the initial investment or profit again.

Our Verdict: Profit Revolution Is a Scam

As we have extensively researched and demonstrated in this Profit Revolution review, this operation is a scam. Its creators prey on innocent people and novices in the industry to make an investment. They then take their money away.

We recommend doing proper research before investing. There are plenty of scheming crypto bots. It is best to investigate and consult multiple resources before making a final decision about the investment.


Brandon Lee

Profit Revolution is not even a revolution in terms of crypto trading bot scams, as there are quite a few of those. I researched Immediate Edge and Ethereum Code previously, and Profit Revolution tries to con users in pretty much the same way. Don’t let it.


Tried Profit Revolution, but I quickly realized that it was a scam. I just ended up losing all of my initial investment…there’s certainly no profit to be had here.


false promises and manipulative exploiters – not much more to say about this “bot” and its “creators”