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Trade Cannabis Stock – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Experienced Traders

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Trade Cannabis Stock Review


Claimed automated trading platform
Lack of transparency
The minimum deposit amount is $250
No information about the license



  • Integrates diverse investment opportunities


  • No customer support
  • Non-transparent
  • Obscure website

Key takeways

  1. Given the nature of the platform, there is no information about the team behind it, its history, or the algorithm that drives it.
  2. No live customer support and not many user reviews.
  3. It is very risky to invest money in these types of schemes, as there is a high probability that there will be no profit from them, only losses.


Full Review of Trade Cannabis Stock 

Investing in crypto trading bots? That might have sounded crazy a few decades ago, but now, it is reality.

Actually, the value of marijuana stocks has been continually growing in the previous years. In 2021, the estimated value of the cannabis industry was around $26 billion, and counting. In turn, the number of people interested in investing in marijuana stocks is growing as well on financial markets. 

Trade Cannabis Stock is one of the first crypto trading bots of its kind. However, although very popular, there were different opinions about this bot. While some users thought Trade Cannabis Stock was quite helpful, others were convinced that it was a scam. Let’s examine which of these opinions was closer to the truth.

Similar to cryptocurrencies, automated trading with marijuana stocks requires knowledge and experience. Many investors turn from manual trading to automation tools to accelerate the learning curve and maximize their profits. Unfortunately, a lot of them become easy prey of greedy scammers and their shady CFD software trading systems. So, let’s take a look at some of the features their website offers.

Security 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 70%
Minimum deposit and payment options 100%
Demo trading account 10%
Support and tutorials 10%
Profit (according to User reviews) 70%
Overall rating 50%

The major reason for concern here is an absolute lack of transparency. There isn’t much information about this bot available online. We know almost nothing about the team standing behind it, its history, or algorithm that runs the platform. However, we explored what we had, and this is what we found out.

Trade Cannabis Stock Trading Bot Investigation

Trade Cannabis Stock is an automated trading platform that automates buying and selling of Cannabis CFD shares.

Its algorithm continually monitors a huge number of trades that happen on the market, predicts trends, and makes winning deals. The algorithm understands how and when shares expire and makes signals and deals based on these predictions. 

The trading strategies made available by Trade Cannabis Stock can be used for automated trading with cannabis shares as well as crypto and fiat currencies. 

The minimum deposit amount to start trading with Trade Cannabis Stock is €250, exactly the same amount as other similar platforms:

Speaking about TCS’s official website, the only information users get is the following:

  • registration form
  • most popular cannabis shares
  • free account
  • a brief explanation of what TCS is and how it works
  • FAQ section
  • three 5 star reviews 
  • contact link and privacy policy

And that’s it. All in all, the website seems outdated and unfinished, and it doesn’t look like it presents a serious company. Just like other platforms of this kind:

Safety and Premium Plans

Trade Cannabis Stock website has only one landing page, and no license information. Also, except for a contact form, there aren’t any contact details. There is no mention of customer support either, which is a major red flag.

For now, the software is available only for desktop PCs.

User Feedback: Is There Any? 

There is no page for this app on TrustPilot, so it’s hard to say whether people are satisfied with the services provided by Trade Cannabis Stock. On the other hand, the fact that there aren’t many testimonials indicates that this bot might not have as many customers as it used to.

As can be seen from the screenshot below, the FAQ section on the TCS website is meager and not quite helpful. The question “Is it safe to trade with your bot?” is quite frequent among users. Despite that, Trade Cannabis Stock didn’t think it was important enough to be enlisted here.

FAQ section of Trade Cannabis Stock


Our Final Verdict: Is Trade Cannabis Stock Rogue?

The problem with Trade Cannabis Stock is that there is not enough information. We don’t know anything about the team behind it, there is no live customer support, and not many user testimonials. Therefore, TradeCannabisStock simply doesn’t instill trust. Perhaps, it is a member of a well-known rogue affiliate network:

FAQ on Checking If a Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Is a Scam

There is a series of criteria based on which we estimate whether a bot is legit or a scam. Some of the most important criteria are: 

  • available features, 
  • licenses, 
  • the origins of the app, and 
  • customer feedback. 

Furthermore, additional details such as the official website, length of time a business has been in operation, and safety breaches in the past, are also taken into consideration. 

Since Demo versions are helpful for beginners, an app having this feature is recognized as a plus. Additionally, good crypto bots are considered to operate on the cloud.

FAQs on Trade Cannabis Stock Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

What is Trade Cannabis Stock a trading bot?

Trade Cannabis Stock is a very shady trading platform. They do not offer much information on how their alleged trading bot works. There also aren’t many users to provide any sort of testimonial.

Is it safe to use the Trade Cannabis Stock trading bot?

No, it isn’t. We recommend vigilance when dealing with this mysterious trading bot. Not enough is known about it. There is no license information or other details to convince us this is a legit trading bot.

Can I make a profit with Trade Cannabis Stock?

This is highly questionable. It is very risky to invest money in these types of schemes, as it is highly likely that there will be no gains, only losses. We do not recommend investing in this trading strategy. It is better to search for a more reputable trading bot. So, our investment advice: better safe than sorry.


Joshua Martinez

I purchased the trade cannabis stock crypto bot and was extremely disappointed with the results. Not only did it fail to produce any significant profits, but it also lost me a considerable amount of money. I do not recommend this bot to anyone, seems just like a marketing trick to reach cannabis users.


As an enjoyer of the herb, this bot caught my attention. But it’s not worth it. The bot was slow to respond to market changes and often made trades that didn’t make any sense. I would not recommend it to anyone looking to make money in the crypto market, be they Mary Jane lovers or not.