Profit Secret – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

Profit Secret – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

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Profit Secret Review


Various websites
Website design is similar to other fraudulent bots
Minimum investment of at least $250
The incredible promise of 80% annual profit
Fake reviews



  • No advantages as it's certainly a fraud


  • Grandiose claims about the profitability of its trading bot
  • Little information about its team or the company
  • The company provides no details on how its algorithm works
  • Listed on the website of the fraudulent All in 1 group in the list of products

Key takeways

  1. There is no registered company with the address indicated on the website of this bot.
  2. Only bank and card transfers are used to withdraw funds, and personal data is taken.
  3. Profit Secret is not a cryptocurrency trading robot and there is only a fraudulent group behind it, not a smart algorithm.
  4. A well-designed scam aimed at newcomers to the industry.


How to use Profit Secret – Full Review: Is This Trading Bot Worth Time and Dime?

In the crypto trading universe, there are many trading bots. They make life easier for their users by cutting on the time they spend searching for profitable trades.

However, many scammers are misusing the technology. These “crypto trading bots” pose as real ones, only to steal people’s money.

In this Profit Secret review, we will examine one such alleged crypto bot. We will show our readers how these schemes work by taking a closer look into the Profit Secret bot.

Furthermore, we will expose a network of these scammers named All-In-1 Bitcoins. But let’s start with a simple overview of Profit Secret’s websites. Yes, plural.

Security (everything about licensing, docs, secure systems, etc) 0%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 70%
Minimum deposit and payment options 30%
Demo account 10%
Support and tutorials 10%
Profit (according to User reviews 10%
Overall rating 35%


Multiple Profit Secret Websites

There is no secret about this being a scam. At the beginning of our research, we have spotted a red flag. There are no less than three Profit Secret websites.

first Profit Secret Website
second Profit Secret Website
third Profit Secret Website

It is always a cause for concern if a company maintains different websites. While occasionally this is done for different countries and markets, the suffixes here don’t match.

For example, if a company operates in the EU and US, they could use suffixes .eu and .us. As these websites use generic suffixes, we are strongly convinced they are a scam.

A Profit Secret Déjà Vu

The last website layout shown here looks exactly the same as Immediate Bitcoin, Immediate Edge, Yuan Pay crypto bot, and The News Spy review.

Immediate Bitcoin website
Immediate Edge website
The News Spy website
Yuan Pay Group website

As we have extensively researched all of these bots, we have already demonstrated in previous reviews that all of them are scams. This only further cements our belief that Profit Secret is a scam too.

Profit Secret is Part of the All-In-1 Bitcoins Scam

We have already talked about the All-In-1 Bitcoins website. Quite conveniently, these scammers actually have a website where they have listed all of their scamming bots.

And to no surprise, we have found Profit Secret there as well. This just shows that it is a highly sophisticated fraud at play here.

They approach people from multiple directions, thinking they can just use a different name and no one would notice it’s a scam.

The Nonsense Offer

While there are no fees for signing up and using Profit Secret, there is a 2% commission fee. Unlike its sister scam bots, this one doesn’t specify when the commission is applied.

They state the minimal investment needs to be at least $250. They recommend reinvesting at least 80% of the profit to gain $1 million within a year.

That all sounds too good to be true because it is! While occasionally possible, the amount of money they promise the bot will make is absurd.

Unless playing a high-risk high-gain game, no person can get rich that fast. If this sounds like one of those get-rich-quick schemes, it’s because it is.

They also only offer bank and card transfers to withdraw the funds. This is very convenient seeing it’s the way they get people’s personal data.

But the biggest nonsense of all is the AI tech based on Deep Learning and NLP.

Deep Learning is a form of coding allowing machines to learn, similar to people. It uses the same basic mechanisms as the human brain. A practical application would be autonomous cars.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) in Deep Learning is the ability of machines to mimic human speech and dialog. An example of this is the voice transcript software.

So, unless the parameters of their algorithm can be set up using speech, it is all just fancy words with no meaning.

Very Fake Very Satisfied Profit Secret Customers

One section of their website is dedicated to satisfied customers. And they are very satisfied. And very much fake.

Fake Profit Secret Customers

Fake testimonials use several scam crypto bots we have been warning about:

Looking at the four photos, a person would think they are just ordinary people. That’s why we looked beyond and found the same images on websites catering to the stock photo industry.

stock photo
stock photo
stock photo
stock photo

No Address

A physical address or at least any contact information would have been nice. Alas, there is no such information on any of the websites.

That is when our search took us to Trustpilot. We were very happy to find an address registered there.

fake address on Trustpilot

Since this company is registered in the UK, we checked the official government database. There is no company registered there with the same address.

no address on

Fake Trustpilot Reviews for Profit Secret

An innocent eye may miss all the evidence hidden in plain sight. A person would then probably turn to other users for feedback.

Websites such as Trustpilot offer honest experiences of other customers and are fairly reliable. But are all of them that honest?

The scammers know that people trust other people. So what did they do? They created bot accounts to spread the good word about themselves.

Fake Trustpilot Review
Fake Trustpilot Review

If a company has only 5-star reviews, and many so, Trustpilot’s algorithm may flag fraudulent activity. So they may add a few 4-star comments for good measure.

All great reviews and no complaints may not mean that the posts are fake. But all of the reviewers only ever posting once is suspicious. Add to that that they were invited and it’s their bots almost certainly.

The badge “Invited” is placed under a comment if the person’s opinion is directly solicited by the company. That way Trustpilot promotes organically-generated user feedback.

Similar Trustpilot reviews have several scam crypto bots we have written about:

FAQs on Profit Secret

What is Profit Secret?

Profit Secret is a hoax designed to con people out of their money. It is a well-organized group of scammers targeting primarily beginners in the crypto trading industry.

Is Profit Secret a scam?

Profit Secret is a scam. It is a ruse to get people to invest, only to lose their profits and the initial investment.

How much money can I earn with Profit Secret?

You cannot earn with Profit Secret. Moreover, it will cost you time and money, as it is a fraud.

Is Profit Secret a legit crypto bot?

Profit Secret is not a crypto trading bot. It is an elaborate scheme to make people invest. Once they place their money with Profit Secret, it is gone forever.

Our Verdict: Do Not Trust Profit Secret, It’s a Scam!

Profit Secret is most definitely a scam. There is plenty of evidence of that, as we have demonstrated in this Profit Secret review.

They target novices in the industry, promising high returns in cryptocurrency trading. It is all fake, but nicely packed. The website has a pleasing design, they have used some industry-related jargon and even made fake positive reviews.

If a person takes their word, it is a promising crypto bot. This is why it is important to double- and triple-check everything before investing. The scammers are getting smarter, but our readers maintain well-informed.


Dan Wright

Profit Secret claims to be an automated trading bot that can generate huge profits. However, it made trades that resulted in significant losses, and the customer support wasn’t there when needed. It’s obviously just a fraud.


I don’t recommend using Profit Secret. It’s full of bugs and glitches, and I found that it crashed often, making it impossible to make any trades. Knowing now that it’s a scam, it makes more sense why it would operate in such a poor condition.

Darnell Johnson

Profit Secret seemed like an interesting bot,but I was sorely disappointed.The security measures are inadequate, and I don’t feel confident that my assets are well-protected.I regret using this platform and would advise others to look elsewhere.