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Lucky Block Crypto Review: Is it Legit?

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Lucky Block Crypto Review


A recently launched platform, Lucky Block Crypto, may be the solution to the critical issues in the blockchain gambling industry. These critical issues refer to sluggish bank transfers, paperwork, and administration fees. In their whitepaper, Lucky Block Crypto explains why it is such a good idea to steer away from the physical system that is naturally prone to rigging and a centralized system that has liquidity, security, and speed issues altogether and switch to the digital world.

The second main idea behind the platform is to maximize the power of technology and bring fairness and transparency into the spotlight, increase the chances of winning, and provide better rewards to lottery entrants.

Yet, is Lucky Block Crypto legit and, if it is, where to buy Lucky Block Crypto tokens – we’re breaking it all down in this Lucky Block Crypto review.

Is Lucky Block Crypto Legit?

From what we know, Lucky Block Crypto is legit. Now, let us explain what makes the project a trustful one.

Hosted on the Binance smart chain, all Lucky Block Crypto gaming outcomes can be easily visible and accessible by checking a smart contract (whose main purpose is to promote transparency). No smart contract changes can be implemented before a third-party review, which is key to preventing tampering.

Lottery winners are randomly drawn, which eliminates the chance of manipulation occurring and instills trust into the platform’s mission when it comes to the future of the gaming and gambling environment. Also, Lucky Block Crypto is not controlled either by an authority or a single person, which, again, ensures that the process is 100% fair.

However, it should be taken into account that the jackpot prize draws ticket sales have not started yet, which is why the legitimacy of the platform should be taken with a grain of salt. The draw begins on Monday, 30th of May, and it is the event massively promoted in all Lucky Block Crypto-related news, while the daily mine prize draws will start taking place on the 6th of June. The first jackpot ($1 million) winner will be announced and paid on Tuesday, 31th of May.

Besides drawing a jackpot winner, one of the Lucky Block NFTs owners will also be drawn and rewarded with another $1 million prize. Lucky Block NFT is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that act as draw entry tickets and offer both regular and exclusive holder rewards. The floor price of Lucky Block NFTs is sitting at 3.75 BNB and NFTs can be bought on their official website.

Lucky Block Crypto announced that one of Platinum Rollers (less than 3,000 NFT holders) would win a Lamborgini in one of the upcoming draws. By purchasing an NFT, one becomes instantly eligible for a giveaway and is automatically entered into the draw.

Unlike lottery draws, Lucky Block prize draws for their NFT holders are separate from the main game and are already up and running. Until this day, Lucky Block Crypto has already rewarded some of the members of their community while their reward pool goes up day by day (currently averaging $10,000), which proves their legitimacy once more.


Lucky Block Crypto Team

The team behind Lucky Block Crypto is more than legit. Scott Ryder, the CEO, started off his cryptocurrency journey in 2017 as a head of sales, and now managing 2 more crypto roles – as the StakeMoon Coin’s chief executive and DeFi Coins co-founder. James Bason, Nelson Campelo, and Gary McFarlane are part of the squad that is steering the wheel of blockchain lottery and gambling. Dillian Whyte, a worldwide popular heavyweight boxer, is the platform’s ambassador and Lucky Block Crypto was his proud sponsor in one of the biggest fights in the UK – Dillian vs Tyson Fury.

How and Where to Buy Lucky Block Crypto?

To participate in prize distributions, one should buy a lotto ticket with Lucky Block’s native token – LBLOCK which has other utilities as well. There are over 52,000 Lucky Block holders that will be getting 10% rewards for each and every jackpot, without even having to buy a ticket (although holders will receive free daily jackpot entries too). Anyone wanting to buy a Lucky Block Crypto token can do it either via PancakeSwap, Dextools, Poocoin or with fiat.

Here’s how to buy Lucky Block Crypto on the Pancakeswap exchange:

  1. Purchase the desired amount of BNB tokens via Binance,
  2. Download and set up a Trust Wallet,
  3. Open the Trust Wallet and enter the quantity of BNB tokens you want to swap to a smart chain,
  4. Stay within your Trust Wallet interface and click on the “DApps” button at the bottom of the page (DApps stand for decentralized applications, one of which is PancakeSwap),
  5. Scroll until you spot PancakeSwap and connect your wallet to it,
  6. To be able to buy LBLOCK tokens, you will need to buy CAKE first, the heart of the entire PancakeSwap ecosystem,
  7. If Lucky Block is not on the list of tokens you can swap CAKE to, paste this address 0x2cD96e8C3FF6b5E01169F6E3b61D28204E7810Bb into the address bar and click import,
  8. Enter the amount of Lucky Blocks you want to buy and click on the purchase button.

Lucky Blocks can be bought with Metamask as well, and here’s how:

  1. Install Metamask on your browser or download the phone app,
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet and add the Binance Smart Chain network manually,
  3. If the main view switched from Ethereum to Smart Chain, you are good to go and you can follow the rest of the steps we explained below (buy BNB and switch it to Lucky Block tokens).

Lucky Block Token – Price Overview

One more indicator that proves that the Lucky Block Crypto is legit is its token’s price movement. The Lucky Block presale took place on January 21st and then was launched on PancakeSwap on January 26th. The number of holders skyrocketed from 9,000 to 18,000 and the price went from $0.0008 to $0.002 without a hitch. The token got to an all-time high on February 17th at $0.009 but pulled back a bit shortly after.

On May 20th, the LBLOCK token was sitting at $0.00244 and on 22nd was at $0.00388. The volume and buying interest behind the upcoming launch of the web app is rising since but the price pulled back again to $0.0022 due to market conditions. Regardless, LBLOCK is considered one of the most sought-after currencies among hungry traders since it revolutionizes the lottery and creates a healthy system where everyone is winning.

The Latest Lucky Block Crypto News

Not only that the price of the Lucky Block token is making movements as the big day looms but the dev team is making even greater moves to make significant changes that will increase the token’s value and drive even more investors.

The team lately announced the V2 LBLOCK token release, which was launched with a clear idea in mind – to provide the before-missing lack of support for the inherent taxation process tightly connected to the Lucky Block Crypto’s ecosystem. A 12% tax is incorporated whenever the V1 tokens are sold while there is no tax for the V2 token, which opens the door to more Lucky Block traders and results in more liquidity and upwards price movements. Lastly, resolving the taxation issue made it more convenient for the V2 token to be listed on Binance and other centralized exchanges.

The V1 and V2 tokens are directly linked but have different use cases. The V1 token is meant to be traded on decentralized exchanges and used for buying tickets. On the other hand, the V2 token is, unlike the V1, based on Ethereum and meant to be traded on centralized exchanges exclusively.

The team also implemented a locking mechanism for V1 and V2 tokens (depending on the amount of V2 tokens sold, the same amount of V1 tokens gets instantly locked). The mechanism ensures the circulating supply of the tokens remains unchanged and maintains price parity and stability for both of them.


People behind Lucky Block are working hard on merging lottery with blockchain tech and providing a fair entertainment world that rewards and benefits Web3 users. Lucky Block holders can enjoy a myriad of perks whilst the main ones are earning a more than decent passive income and having the chance to win a jackpot if they are lucky enough. So, is Lucky Block Crypto legit? So far, it seems so but we are all waiting for the final confirmation that is to follow in just a couple of days.