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Immediate Profit – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

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Immediate Profit Review


Seven Immediate Profit websites
The design matches several other scams
One of the websites redirects to another scammy trading bot
Different information about the terms of use on different websites
Fake user reviews



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  • Fake testimonials and Trustpilot reviews
  • You get redirected to the Immediate Edge bot website, which is a known fraud
  • No one at the address they give
  • Many other red flags pointing to a certain fraud

Key takeways

  1. Immediate Profit is a fraudulent crypto bot that has nothing to do with making money.
  2. Many similar websites indicate that it is part of a fraudulent network.
  3. There are no promised features or algorithms behind this "trading bot".
  4. Leaving data on these sites is dangerous, as none of them guarantees data confidentiality.


How to Use Immediate Profit – Full Review: How Does This Bot Operate and Can It Make Money?

Should people use a crypto trading bot? These algorithms are designed to help people make more money through trading. And they do succeed at it.

But what happens when the technology is misused? What to do when there are three fake crypto bots for each legitimate one? And how to tell the difference?

In this extensive Immediate Profit review, we will explain how an untrained eye can spot a scam. We will demonstrate all the red flags and educate our readers on what to look for.

But before we begin the long journey into uncovering the scheme behind Immediate Profit, let’s take a look at the websites’ features.

Security (everything about licensing, docs, secure systems, etc) 60%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 100%
Minimum deposit and payment options 20%
Demo account 50%
Support and tutorials 0%
Profit (according to User reviews 10%
Overall rating 45%

Many a Website of Immediate Profit There Is

During our research into this “amazing” trading bot, we have found seven Immediate Profit websites.

first site of Immediate Profit
second site of Immediate Profit
third site of Immediate Profit
forth site of Immediate Profit
fifth site of Immediate Profit
sixth site of Immediate Profit
seventh site of Immediate Profit

The sheer amount of work put into the designs is fascinating. But it is also concerning to see so many sites. Any legitimate company needs and has one website.

The only exemption could be if a company operates in multiple countries. And even then the domains correspond to the country and the language matches. Here, it is simply not the case.

Multiple websites are often used by well-known scam network, also including bots, we’ve reviewed before:

Not only did we find multiple websites, we found out that one design also matches several other scams of the sort.

Similar to others sites design

First, there is Crypto Superstar.

Crypto Superstar similar site

Then, we also have Cryptosoft.

cryptosoft net frontpage

Website Redirecting Is Always Cause for Concern

Another worrying thing we have noticed is that one of the websites redirects to a completely different one. This happens when we try to play the video.


This one is connected to the Immediate Edge bot, another crypto trading scam. This was a clear indicator to us that Immediate Profit is a scam.

Not only that, but we are also certain that all of these scams are connected or executed by the same group of people, well-known scam network, which includes scam crypto bots we have been warning about:

The amount of work necessary to carry them out is almost impossible for a single individual.

The Immediate Profit Offer

While these websites are a scam and usually, they post no relevant information, one proved very interesting. The others offered little to nothing of substance.

They created the algorithm because of their desire to earn through crypto trading. And now, because they are so benevolent, they are giving it away for free.

Although, there might be a small fee when withdrawing. Or maybe it is a 2% commission fee on a successful transaction. It differs from website to website.

Furthermore, the initial investment is also different depending on the website. It is always 250, but the currency varies. It can be dollars, pounds or euros.

There is a demo account, the support is available 24/7 and upon withdrawal, it takes 24h for it to be reflected in the account.

The one that is different offers a bit more information on data protection. It uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and RSA-level encryption.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT is actually the blockchain technology. Instead of a centralized system, the data is dispersed and synchronized throughout the entire network.

The concept was first introduced with Bitcoin. This does keep data less corruptible by an outside attack. The system also keeps the information up-to-date and doesn’t store it all in one place.

However, since Immediate Profit needs a person’s information to complete the scam, this defense is practically useless.

In addition, there’s RSA encryption. This type of encryption uses complicated mathematical operations as a base to code and decode the message.

The nature of its complexity makes it almost unbreakable. This type of defense is commonly used in email communication, for example. But, like with the DLT, it is useless against Immediate Profit who already have the decryption key.

Fake User Testimonials

As is customary with these scams, they all have fake user testimonials to prompt the readers to sign up. Not only that, they are the same “users” and photos as in another scam.

As demonstrated in our Immediate Bitcoin review, these photos are actually stock photos.

Fake Users on stock photos
Fake Users on stock photos
Fake User on stock photo

Another section shows some more happy traders who have made money with Immediate Profit.

These are also fake, also taken from websites that sell stock photos.

Fake Users on stock photos
Fake Users on stock photos
Fake Users on stock photos

No Address on any of the Immediate Profit Websites

When we looked through all of the Immediate Profit websites, we were unable to find their physical address. There isn’t any other contact information. We found only a simple contact form.

While we were researching reviews on Trustpilot, we found two addresses. They are registered with two different websites. So we checked this against the official UK database.

Fake address on Trustpilot
No address on
fake site
no company with the same name registered on the corresponding addresses

As demonstrated in the pictures, there isn’t a company with the same name registered on the corresponding addresses.

There is another company – 400 Capital Management Europe, which seems to be a New York-based company. This appears to be a European subsidiary.

However, we couldn’t find any links between Immediate Profit and this company.

Fake Trustpilot Reviews for Immediate Profit

Websites like Trustpilot are usually reliable to seek honest reviews. However, we recommend reading carefully all of the reviews.

Scammers have noticed that people trust other people, so now they employ an army of bots. The bots write positive reviews about the company to trick the readers.

But how to tell the fake reviews from the real ones? There are a few indicators.

Firstly, almost all of the reviewers have only ever posted once on Trustpilot. Secondly, there is a label “Invited”. This label is placed when the company invites a person to write a review.

Most companies will occasionally do so, but they prefer organic growth. So if there are many reviews labeled “Invited”, it can be a sign for bots commenting.

Trustpilot fake reviews of Immediate profit
Trustpilot fake reviews of Immediate profit

Similar Trustpilot reviews have several scam crypto bots we have written about:

FAQs on Immediate Profit

What is Immediate Profit?

Immediate Profit is an elaborate scheme to cheat people. It pretends to be a trading bot to get users to invest.

Is Immediate Profit a scam?

Immediate Profit is a scam. It redirects customers through different platforms. It is unwise to leave any personal information with this company.

Should I invest with Immediate Profit?

No, you shouldn’t. Immediate Profit is a fraudulent crypto bot and it will cost you time and money.

Is Immediate Profit legit?

Immediate Profit is not a trading bot. It is a hoax to take away people’s money.

How much money can I make with Immediate Profit?

You can’t make money with Immediate Profit. We recommend not investing with this company, as there is much evidence it is a scam.

Is Immediate Profit a Scam? – Our Verdict: Yes!

As we have extensively searched and demonstrated in this Immediate Profit review, the whole operation is a scam. There is no crypto trading bot, just a group of thugs looking to con innocent people out of their money.

When looking to invest with a crypto trading platform or bot, it is important to use vetted companies. We recommend caution and investigation before making the final decision.


Kevin Foster

I was initially impressed by the sleek interface of Immediate Profit, but it soon became clear that it is nothing more than a scam. Not only did I lose money, but they also sold my phone number and email data to advertising companies, who keep calling me trying to sell me crypto mining equipment and such. I wish I never set eyes on Immediate Profit, it just caused me unnecessary trouble.


this is the third crypto bot I used, and the worst. it was slow and unreliable, and i never saw any profits whatsoever…

Jerome Jackson

Some people will stop at nothing. They don’t care about your mortgage or sending kids to college, they’ll take your money without any moral doubts. Lost $250, thanks a lot