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Bitcoin Compass – Crypto Trading Bot Review by Traders

9 min
Bitcoin Compass Review


Alleged auto trading bot
"Innovative" algorithm
Minimum deposit of $250
Does not charge service fees
Unethical marketing



  • Easy to use
  • Does not charge commissions


  • Not a legitimate trading system
  • Fake reviews
  • Strong evidence of fraud

Key takeways

  1. Bitcoin Compass is a web-based platform that claims to provide cryptocurrency trading automation.
  2. No details about the platform, who created it, when or even who owns it.
  3. Website with low-quality web design and content.
  4. Manipulates readers with fake partner reviews.
  5. Attempting to trade with Bitcoin Compass will only lead to losing your invested money.


Bitcoin Compass: Full Review of a Scam Crypto Bot

Unfortunately, the growing crypto industry attracts a lot of criminals. They use crypto Ponzi schemes and unethical marketing techniques to manipulate people into giving them money, thinking they are trading with cryptocurrencies. The damage they cause every year counts billions of dollars of practically stolen cash. 

And not only has so much money been stolen, but the damage these con artists are causing to the crypto industry’s reputation is incalculable. With the industry still being rather young, it’s important to create a more positive image that won’t repel newbies from joining the crypto realm.

Bitcoin Compass review

In this Bitcoin Compass review, we are exposing yet another in the long line of fake auto trading robots. The scammers are promising a steady passive income with practically no effort or investment of time on the users’ side. Of course, that’s too good to be true. 

We will explain what this so-called trading robot truly is, and why users should refrain from making deposits or sharing information on this platform. But, first, let’s take a look at some of the features and give an overall assessment.

Security 10%
Ease of use 100%
UI/UX 10%
Minimum deposit and payment options 50%
Demo account 100%
Support and tutorials 10%
Profit (according to User reviews) 10%
Overall rating 10%

Bitcoin Compass: List Of Risks

  • No algorithm
  • Unethical marketing
  • Unreliable user feedback
  • Poor web design
  • Strong evidence of scam

What Is Bitcoin Compass Trading Bot? Fake Crypto Web Platform Review

The Bitcoin Compass trading robot is yet another scam, presenting itself as an auto trading bot. In theory, these auto traders work by analyzing the market trends in the crypto market, presenting investment advice, and trading on the users’ behalf. 

If an auto trading system is of high quality, it can be a valuable tool that will save plenty of time for users. Such auto trading platforms do exist, but it’s quite tricky to identify them amidst all the fraudulent trading software. 

In fact, there is clear evidence that Bitcoin Compass is indeed a fraud. However, we will delve deeper into the Bitcoin Compass scam in the next section. For now, let’s see what the developers of this trading platform have to say.

The Basics of Bitcoin Compass

So, Bitcoin Compass is a web platform, claiming to provide crypto trading automation for both beginners with no trading knowledge and experienced cryptocurrency traders. Of course, it’s supposed to trade crypto for you not just on the Bitcoin market, but with altcoins as well. 

Bitcoin Compass trading bot exploits exactly the same fake strategy as applied by a dozen of other scam crypto bots we have been warning about:

Just like others scam bots, the con artists claim to have an exclusive algorithm that can make users rich in no time. You don’t need to possess any trading skills, they say, just place a deposit and you’re good to go.

The “groundbreaking” algorithm is, allegedly, based on the latest AI technology. This auto trader is “insanely” accurate (97%) and fast. Needless to say, the accuracy of 97% in a trading session is way overestimated. 

In reality, trading carries risk and the accuracy of 70% is considered to be very high for the majority of genuine crypto trading algorithms. Not even the best auto trading robots could ever be this accurate, taking into consideration the substantial market risks.

Also, the scammers say that their “algorithm” has a 70% win rate and 60% of daily ROI. Sounds like a dream – because it isn’t real. Can Bitcoin Compass work that well and bypass all the trading risks? Not a chance.

The minimum deposit for Bitcoin Compass is standard for fake auto trading platforms, amounting to $250. That’s the least amount of money these con artists wish to steal from every user.

We suggest avoiding even registering on the Bitcoin Compass website, let alone using this fake trading platform. 

You’ll need to leave personal information during the registration process, which the scammers will then use to call you on the phone. They’ll try to persuade all Bitcoin Compass account owners to place the deposit so that they can take the money and go vacationing in Bora Bora.

Bitcoin Compass Features

But, there are even more red flags. For instance, there are only a few available features of the Bitcoin Compass auto trading bot:

  • Live trading
  • Broker assistance
  • Demo trading.

Such a lack of features of Bitcoin Compass is rather suspicious. Best auto trading systems will offer a range of services, so providing only two features, of which only one is a smart trading feature, is frankly absurd. 

Sure, the demo trading feature would otherwise be an excellent addition to the live trading feature, as in the case of other trading platforms. 

This mode enables users to practice their trading strategies without investing real money, so they’re in no danger of actually losing money in a live trading session. It’s not just useful for beginners, but for experienced traders as well. However, in the case of this fraudulent auto trading platform, there’s little use for a demo mode. 

As for the “brokers”, there’s no doubt that these people aren’t licensed and regulated brokers that we associate with solid auto trading systems. 

Of course, without brokers, an auto trading robot wouldn’t be able to make any transactions. However, the people masquerading as brokers, in this case, are no doubt criminals, just like the rest of the Bitcoin Compass team, that won’t actually perform any brokerage services.

Moreover, we couldn’t find a working Bitcoin Compass app. There’s also supposed to be a customer service system, but there’s no doubt that it’s the scammers just pretending to want to solve your issues.

Ironically, this auto trading platform is rather easy to use, there are multiple payment options available, and the con artists have promised a fast bank transfer. 

While this would normally be quite an advantage, in the case of this scam, it only makes it more convenient for people to leave their money for the taking. 

The Bitcoin Compass platform charges no service fees for its trading account, and deposits/withdrawals are possible via wire transfer, use debit/credit card, e-wallets, or Bitcoin. 
Like other fake trading robots, Bitcoin Compass has a lot of different websites. One of the latest has only one landing page. So, we don’t know any details about the platform, such as who created it, when, or even who owns Bitcoin Compass.

Bitcoin Compass site

The Cost of Using Bitcoin Compass

The Bitcoin Compass platform charges no service fees for its trading account, and deposits/withdrawals are possible via wire transfer, use debit/credit card, e-wallets, or Bitcoin. 

Like other fake trading robots, Bitcoin Compass has a lot of different websites. One of the latest has only one landing page. So, we don’t know any details about the platform, such as who created it and when. 

The other side of the story, however, is completely different and much darker. Here is why the Bitcoin Compass trading system is far from being legit, and why its creators should be in jail.

Scam Alert! Bitcoin Compass Caught Behaving Badly

The other side of the story, however, is even darker. Although the proof that Bitcoin Compass is a scam might seem obvious, it is understandable why some people still take the bait. The scammers are very good manipulators and experienced criminals. 

We will now expose their strategies so that no one ever falls for it again. Here is why the Bitcoin Compass trading system is far from being legit, and why its creators should be in jail.

Unethical Marketing: Fake Affiliate Reviews

Affiliate marketing refers to a situation in which one party (i.e. a blog) makes a review of a product or a service. For presenting the product to their audience, the affiliate earns a fee for each purchase made thanks to their recommendation.

If ethical and responsible, the affiliate will tell the truth about the product, providing readers with all relevant information to make an independent decision.

However, that is not how Bitcoin Compass affiliates work. On the contrary, they write ingenuine positive reviews, saying only great things about the platform. In other words, they are manipulating readers into making an account and depositing at any cost.

Their story is always the same: the algorithm is great, works fast, insanely accurate, and so on. Just make a Bitcoin Compass account and you’ll be on your way to getting rich quickly and with minimal effort. The lies are endless and shameless.

The real function of these reviews is not to inform readers. Their sole purpose is to earn commissions and clutter Google search results. In such a way, real reviews and feedback can’t ever reach people researching Bitcoin Compass. 

Thus, they fall into the vortex of lies and manipulation, produced by the criminal network behind this rogue bot platform.

Similar affiliate networks have other fake crypto platforms:

User Feedback on Using Bitcoin Compass

The scammers use the same unethical spin strategy to manipulate user feedback as well. Trustpilot, for example, currently has five Bitcoin Compass pages. 

How can one know which one is genuine? While it’s impossible to know for certain, there are a few sure indicators of an inauthentic user review. For instance, such reviews are totally positive. The reviewers haven’t managed to find a single flaw with the Bitcoin Compass trading system. 

Moreover, while they do sing praises, they don’t go into any details and are unable to precisely explain what’s so great about this auto trading robot. They just praise it in a rather general manner.

Previously, the Bitcoin Compass official website had a list of user testimonials. However, they are now removed. It was too easy to find out that the testimonials were fake: the images of “users” were downloaded from Google or other free stock image sites.

Standard Scam Strategy: Fake News 

In the beginning, the Bitcoin Compass homepage displayed a video of a CNN reporter, saying great things about Bitcoin. Probably, the idea was to impress website visitors with amazing profits they could make trading cryptocurrencies and, therefore, using the bot.

However, since the same video was depicted on dozens of other scam websites, people began recognizing the pattern. So, the video is no longer there.

Still, the scammers found another way to appeal to unsuspecting people. They began creating fake news, targeting the Internet users potentially interested in crypto trading. 

This news was usually about famous celebrities and how they got rich thanks to the crypto trade. And of course, the news would have a link leading to Bitcoin Compass (or other similar scam bots) website.

The fraud was so obvious, that the scammers feel the need to explain themselves on their website. However, they seem quite ambivalent and unclear here. If the claims were false, why put them next to a tick symbol? 

Bitcoin Compass and Celebrities

In any case, going any deeper into the trickster logic is unnecessary here. It is obvious that these guys are hiding something, and it is better to stay away. We don’t have to know everything about the operation, but what we do know is more than enough.

Crude Web Design and Poor Quality Content

Finally, it is possible to see that Bitcoin Compass is not a serious company by the quality of their web design and content. Neither of those is any good.

The websites of genuine crypto trading platforms have a lot of details about their team, algorithm, and pricing plans. Also, they provide educational materials on how to use and customize the bot. 

The Bitcoin Compass auto trading robot, like its sister platforms, has none of those. It is obvious that the website was made in five minutes, and with minimum cost.  It has a lot of similar features to other suspicious sites we’ve mentioned in our reviews:

And what’s worse, the answer to the question is Bitcoin Compass secure reads: most definitely not, are you kidding? Apart from the most basic verification system, there’s only the highly outdated SSL online security protocol. Users’ most sensitive data, such as mobile phone and bank account numbers, are exposed to criminals behind this whole bluff. What they’ll most likely do with this personal data is sell it for some additional profit.

Also, the content is so bad that it is almost funny. Spelling mistakes and typos are all over the website, just as is the case with many auto trading robots which were identified as scams. 

If a company has such a lame website, what could be the quality of its service?

FAQ on Bitcoin Compass Trading Bot 

Is Bitcoin Compass a legit crypto trading platform?

No. Bitcoin Compass is a platform made by criminals, only presenting itself as a crypto bot that can allegedly trade Bitcoin and altcoins on your behalf. They claim they’ve developed a great tool for automated trading on the cryptocurrency market, but that’s nothing more than a shameless lie. Attempting to trade with Bitcoin Compass will only cause you to lose the invested money.

How much profit can I make with Bitcoin Compass?

Making money with Bitcoin Compass is impossible – there are no profitable trades whatsoever to be made, as there is no crypto trading algorithm. Most probably, you will lose your deposit and put your sensitive data at risk.

Is Bitcoin Compass free to use?

In theory, yes. The “trading system” doesn’t charge any fees. However, the real price of making an account on Bitcoin Compass is losing your deposit and personal data. In fact, while it’s technically free, you won’t even be able to start trading with Bitcoin Compass, as there are no features of this fake auto trading platform that actually work.

Our Verdict: Bitcoin Compass Is a SCAM!

Is Bitcoin Compass legit? Definitely not. The evidence of this Bitcoin Compass review is clear and obvious: Bitcoin Compass is just another in the long line of fraudulent auto trading systems. There is no crypto trading algorithm and no profits. The only thing Bitcoin Compass users can get from these people is obnoxious phone calls, forcing them to invest more money.

The “brokers” are the tricksters themselves. Their only goal is to take as much money as they can. They couldn’t care less about their users’ interests, data, or resources. Therefore, investors are advised to stay away from Bitcoin Compass and instead trade with reputable automated trading platforms, that come with a recommendation from fellow crypto traders.


Grace Nelson

Bitcoin Compass promised big returns, but it was nothing more than a pipe dream. I was left feeling disappointed and frustrated after investing my hard-earned money. This is scammy and not worth your time.

Jennifer Adams

It was supposed to be a seamless trading experience, but in reality, it was anything but. The interface was confusing, and I frequently experienced delays and glitches. Save yourself the hassle. Steer clear of this scam.

Christopher Lee

Admittedly, Bitcoin Compass lured me in with grandiose claims of huge returns. However, what I found is their algorithms were poorly designed and unreliable. I constantly suffered losses and would advise others to stay away from it.