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Corona Millionaire - Revisão do Crypto Trading Bot pelos Comerciantes

Full review of Corona Millionaire

If you google Corona Millionaire, you will find no website. Just review websites that are known for supporting fraudulent portals. This probably indicates that scammers have abandoned this particular brand.

Google search of Corona Millionaire
site Corona Millionaire

However, once you click on the link, you will see it takes you to another well-known scam, Comerciante de Bitcoin, one of the oldest fraudulent portals out there.

Bitcoin Trader site

You will notice that this website is not even hosted on the or, but This in itself isn’t proof of fraud, but many fraudulent platforms use similar tricks. In fact, 90% of the scammers use this kind of redirection, so we can interpret this as a strong red flag.

Corona Millionaire review

If we try to follow the link, it takes us to that very same Bitcoin Trader iffy webpage. This is a strong indicator that there is something wrong going on here. Why? Because the standing practice of the fraudulent websites is to spread their scam across myriad different names: Comerciante de Bitcoin, Bitcoin Union, Bitcoin HQ, Renascimento do Bitcoin, Bitcoin bilionário, Bitcoin Compas, etc.

All of the names are tailored to somehow promise riches and easy profits using buzzwords like crypto, cryptocurrency, crypto trading, bitcoin, machine learning, AI, wall street secrets, 60% return of investment, etc.

Trustpilot reviews of Corona Millionaire

Trustpilot sometimes catches all these different scams, but for Corona Millionaire there is just an old warning message from May 2020. 

Trustpilot reviews of Corona Millionaire

Of course, the website listed is not even registered.

website Corona Millionaire listed is not registered

Como é que estes esquemas funcionam?

Existem várias práticas conhecidas para estes sites fraudulentos.

  • They change names and logos to avoid targeting by market regulators, legit review sites, and agencies (like Trustpilot)
  • They ask $250 deposit. Legitimate trading platforms do have minimum investments, but these measure in low figures, typically $10. 
  • They ask phone number as part of the registration. Legit crypto services have several layers of identification. The typical platform will ask for email, then proceed with different Know Your Customer verification protocols (scan of ID or other national ID documents). These fraudulent websites usually claim speedy registration with just phone and email.
  • Todos eles têm cláusulas de desresponsabilização que fazem o cliente concordar com a violação da sua privacidade. Nomeadamente, tornam legítimo que os agentes ou 'corretores' dos sites fraudulentos telefonem ao cliente (normalmente contactarão os crédulos através da WhatsApp). 
  • Os corretores perseguem agressivamente os clientes para depositar o primeiro $250 e depois torna-se impossível obter o seu dinheiro de volta. Não há lucros. Outro motivo para alterar nomes e endereços de website. Quando o número de clientes zangados aumenta, os vigaristas simplesmente mudam para pastagens mais verdes, abandonando o seu projecto.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the scammers realized that ‘Corona’ is no longer a buzzword, collapsing the platform.

Sentença final

This is a known scam! Do not fall for it.

FAQ on Corona Millionaire

What is Corona Millionaire?

It’s a fake website. They want your data so that agents can call you and ask for a deposit of $250 promising a great return on investment. The fact is, there is no crypto trading, no money to be made, just brokers fishing for deposits.

Is Corona Millionaire a scam?

Yes. It is part of fraudulent websites, a total scam.

How much money can I make with Corona Millionaire?

Judging by reviews, you can’t profit from Corona Millionaire. You can only lose a $250 deposit.

Is Corona Millionaire legit?

No. This is a scam. There are legit warnings in the disclaimer, however. By registering, you agree to have your data sold or transferred to third parties. You agree to be contacted by agents (to bug you for deposit).