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Bitsgap vs Сoinrule: how much can you make with these crypto bots?

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bitsgap vs coinrule


There are many options when it comes to cryptocurrency trading bots which are provided by Coinrule or Bitsgap. The interesting thing about these bots is that you may change the rules these sites use to construct crypto trading bots, making them compatible with whatever your trading strategy is. You can even do paper trading with your strategies to ensure they are successful.

Perhaps their ability to trade continuously, something no human can accomplish, is what makes them so amazing. Depending on how the market behaves, you may configure the bots to execute transactions at specific periods during the day or night. Some bots stand out from the crowd because of their unique features, like, for example, helping you automatically purchase at a discount and hold Bitcoin. It is up to you to determine which cryptocurrencies you desire and which bot will assist you in trading them.

Trading bot comparison

Coinrule trading bot is popular, reliable, and provides a variety of features and functions. Coinrule bot is also one of the greatest trading bots currently accessible online, because of how simple it is to operate. Even the most inexperienced users with no trading skills will find the bot’s UI to be incredibly user-friendly and simple to operate. To help you determine whether or not the bot is suited for you, Coinrule also provides a free trial. You can learn more about Coinrule by checking out this Coinrule review.

In terms of a variety of features and tools, Bitsgap trading bot is the greatest. This bot is ideal for those seeking a complete answer to their cryptocurrency trading demands. The fact that the Bitsgap bot provides a wide range of features, including leverage trading, stop-loss orders, and more, is what makes it so well-liked for automated trading. Additionally, you can use this bot on any significant trading platform, which is highly practical. In addition, Bitsgap provides a smart trading terminal that enables you to make transactions within the app. You can learn more about Bitsgap by checking out this Bitsgap review.

Security: the security and safety of a user’s account and information within its care

Coinrule 100%
Bitsgap 100%

Both platforms provide secure environments for depositing your funds and allowing the bots to start trading. Features such as two-factor verification and protection from failed login attempts are available on these platforms.

Usability: Ease of use and user-friendliness

Coinrule 100%
Bitsgap 80%

Coinrule beats Bitsgap in this section thanks to its website’s better and simpler organization, in addition to the availability of many trading tools. Both platforms allow you to connect their bots to crypto trading exchanges and trade automatically.

Trade automation scope: How many features are available on each platform

Coinrule 100%
Bitsgap 90%

Both platforms provide many tools suited for many different strategies, but Coinrule does it slightly better than its fellow trading platform. You can find many options for automated trading on these platforms, such as grid trading bots, margin trading, arbitrage trading, and more.

Demo account: test your trading strategies with virtual funds

Coinrule 80%
Bitsgap 80%

Both platforms give you the possibility to set up a demo account, allowing you to do paper trading with your strategies without risking your funds. Both platforms have great demo accounts that fully simulate real trading with real money, allowing you to get precious insights into your strategies before applying them in real life.

Trial period: The duration of the trial period

Coinrule 70%
Bitsgap 80%

Bitsgap allows you to freely try all the features available to premium users for 7 days before upgrading your account. Coinrule only allows you to use limited functionalities with the free version, but still allows you to set up free trading bots.

Backtesting: How easy it is to test your crypto trading bots and trading strategies

Coinrule 100%
Bitsgap 70%

Backtesting is a standard technique for determining how well a strategy or model would have performed. Backtesting examines the performance of a trading strategy using past data to determine its feasibility. If backtesting is successful, traders and analysts could feel confident using it in the future.

Backtesting is an important aspect of these bots, as it allows you to test your strategies before risking your money with automated trading strategies. Coinrule cryptocurrency trading bots score better here thanks to their predefined strategies, which are based on successful historical data.

Customer support and tutorials: the availability of tutorials and customer support quality

Coinrule 100%
Bitsgap 100%

Both companies have excellent customer support that is very responsive and helpful. In addition, there are plenty of video tutorials that you can find on the web, teaching you how to set up these bots, as well as what strategies to use in case you are a beginner trader.

Profit: How effective each bot is at generating profits

Coinrule 100%
Bitsgap 90%

The profits generated by these tools are totally dependent on the effectiveness of the trading strategies they are programmed to follow. But, overall, thanks to its higher reliability and features, Coinrule scores higher in this section.

Overall rating

Coinrule 90%
Bitsgap 80%

Regarding the best crypto trading bots, the two platforms we just reviewed provide powerful trading technology for both beginner and advanced traders. Bitsgap is great if you look for particular trading algorithms, but Coinrule is overall a better automated trading platform for your automated trading strategies. It allows you to automatically trade currencies with many different trading tools using trading signals, without needing to worry whether the bot is going to execute the trades or not.

Bitsgap vs. Coinrule: requirements to set up an account

requirements to account setup

Minimal deposit required

Concerning the minimal deposit, Bitsgap requires a minimum deposit of $5 to start trading. Coinrule, on the other side, has no minimum deposit requirements, which lowers the barrier to entry.

Payment options

Both companies incur monthly fees for using the platforms’ features to the fullest. Coinrule offers four different options, which are:

Coinrule pricing

Concerning Bitsgap, they provide the following options, with the possibility to start the 7 days trial period with any of the available options:

bitsgap pricing


bitsgap and coinrule pricing

The number of supported exchanges

integration with exchanges


Which is better, Сoinrule or Bitsgap?

Both platforms provide powerful automated trading technology that can adapt to your crypto trading strategies and effectively generate profits. Even though Bitsgap is an interesting trading bot, Coinrule is better overall. It’s simpler and quite reliable, allowing you to create the best crypto trading bot and also set up free trading bots.

Are Сoinrule and Bitsgap legit?

Yes, Coinrule and Bitsgap are among the best digital asset trading platform available on the market, thanks to their versatility and available features.

How good is Сoinrule?

Coinrule is a very powerful tool, providing automated trading bots for you to automate your crypto trading strategy, 24/7. The platform is very user-friendly and is suited for inexperienced traders while also providing many tools for crypto traders.

Is Bitsgap able to make a profit?

Yes, using Bitsgap bots allows you to make decent profits. Depending on the trading strategy you are using, it is advised to test your strategies with the demo account provided by the platform so you can gain experience without risking your funds.