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What’s the difference between Bitsgap and 3Commas?

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Bitsgap vs 3Commas


Currently, 82% of crypto trading is performed via auto trading bots. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for traders in the fast-changing crypto environment to adjust quickly. As cryptocurrencies are volatile, even a few seconds of delayed execution can mean the difference between profits and losses. Traders can overcome these hurdles by using automated trading bots. They automate the buy and sell orders on a specified strategy. And 3Commas and Bitsgap are among the newest and best crypto bots.

This article will compare the two bots in terms of similarities and differences, and rate them based on relevant criteria, such as security, usability, support, and so on. You should be able to understand which one fits your trading needs and style the most after reading.


Security 100%
Ease of use 100%
Trade automation scope 100%
Demo account 100%
Pricing and free trial 100%
Customer support and tutorials 70%
Profitability 80%
Overall rating 93%


Security 60%
Ease of use 90%
Trade automation scope 100%
Demo account 70%
Pricing and free trial 80%
Customer support and tutorials 70%
Profitability 80%
Overall rating 78%
Min.deposit5 or 10 USD per orderFrom 1 USD
Supported exchangesOver 25,a lot of prominent ones23, with a lot of mainstream and quality ones
Payment optionsVisa, MasterCard, PayPal, iDEAL, bank transfer, Giro Pay
Credit cards, PayPal,Cryptocurrency
Monthly price29$ Basic
69$ Advanced
149$ Pro
Also annual
Starter 29$,Advanced 49$, Pro 99$, with discounts if for annual payment


Bitsgap 100%
3Commas 60%

Bitsgap has more than 500,000 traders and the general consensus is that the bot is safe. TrustPilot confirms this with a grade of 4.4/5 and a verified company status.

Bitsgap review on TrustPilot

The application itself does not hold traders’ money and data, and API keys are used instead to connect to exchanges. All this is further reinforced with two-factor authentication, firewall, and 2048-bit protocols. There have been no known security breaches so far.

3Commas also has a high TrustPilot rating of 4.4/5 and verified status, with even larger community, social media following, and more tutorials and materials available.

3Commas review on TrustPilot

It also uses an encrypted API key, without cache or any other information going out. The developers also state that it contains Cloudflare protection tools, DDOS, and a firewall.

We have to mention a currently unresolved situation with 3Commas. Several users have reported their API keys being breached because they found a number of unauthorized trades on their accounts. Some lost scary amounts of money this way. The users asked for a response from 3Commas, but they attributed the problem to phishing and reassured that API was safe. The latest update, however, is that 3Commas acknowledges the problem and the community is still waiting to see what transpires.


Bitsgap 100%
3Commas 90%

Bots that support multiple exchanges are always a good choice. Both bots perform great in this regard since Bitsgap has support for over 25 exchanges and 3Commas for 23 exchanges. They both include well-known platforms such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, FTX, and so on.

Bitsgap has great coverage of payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, iDEAL, bank transfer, Giro Pay, and a lot more), and 3 Commas has credit cards and Paypal as an option. Overall, there’s only a slight advantage for Bitsgap.

Trade automation scope

Bitsgap 100%
3Commas 100%

Bitsgap is an automated crypto trading bot with a lot of features for both intermediate and advanced trading. A great option is a grid bot, which allows you to take advantage of small differences in the market and collect instant profit, which is ideal for short-term traders. Advanced futures trading bots are perhaps the crown of Bitsgap automated trading, they have cutting-edge AI and follow trends and social media to predict prices. There are also options for manual intervention for arbitrages, for example, which makes the bot semi-automatic. This is a good full-scale Bitsgap review, which not only reassures its safety, but also goes into Bitsgap trading strategies and trading signals.

3Commas is a fully automated crypto trading bot that is one of the most giving on the market in relation to the different bots you can get. There are dollar cost averaging, long bots, short bots, grid bots, and many more. What is even better, they are really easy to use and any beginner can get the hang of them fast. However, beginners need to be especially careful because the learning curve is pretty steep with 3Commas. In simple words, this means you may need a long time to learn how to use the trading tools to be profitable. This should not scare you, and should instead motivate you to learn as much as you can, and you can start with this helpful 3Commas review.

Demo account

Bitsgap 100%
3Commas 70%

3Commas offers paper trading on Binance spot markets, with a maximum amount of 100 orders and an added simulated fee of 0.1% for extra realism. However, paper trading is only available for premium users who pay for a pricing plan. It also matches the rank of your subscription, so in a Starter plan, you only get one bot per type.

For Bitsgap, the big advantage is that demo trading is available on the free plan. Other principles are the same. We’ll just add that some users report that Bitsgap’s advanced package does not have enough demo bots, but this does not subtract from the great value of Bitsgap here.

Free trial

Bitsgap 100%
3Commas 80%

Bitsgap provides a 7-day free trial in which the trader can enjoy several features free of charge. It has an advantage here because it offers a free trial for all packages they have. So, you can use the most expensive, pro version for seven days and experience all the advanced features.

bitsgap pricing

3Commas has the option of a free trial that lasts three days and opens all the features for you. After the trial ends, you will be redirected to the free subscription plan. Here you can see the differences between account levels:

3Commas pricing


Opinions on backtesting are polarized, because it can be a double-edged sword. The results of history data may be useful but also misleading to the inexperienced. This is why 3Commas focuses on paper trading only. On the other hand, Bitsgap has the option of backtesting using active trading bots with no trading limit. Bitsgap backtesting works the same as with most other crypto trading bots, so there is nothing really special about it. Since one of the bots does not have the option at all, we cannot put grades here.

Customer support and tutorials

Bitsgap 90%
3Commas 80%

Bitsgap has a help center, a live chat option 24/7, and a support email. Users mostly report great customer service and fast response times. Their community is large enough to provide a lot of user-built tutorials.

3Commas has a database of tutorials in their learning hub, as well as additional information about trading strategies, testing and tutorials. The live chat is always active and the response time is under five minutes. Still, we also have to include the response to the current API leak affair into the whole picture, which is not yet resolved. So far, they have been satisfactory.


Bitsgap 90%
3Commas 90%

We cannot provide a number figure, as profits always depend on the trader’s skill and strategy. We can talk, however, about profit potential. Fully automated trading with 3Commas does not always mean a better bot, because sometimes a semi-automatic bot allows users just enough autonomy to make profitable manual moves.

For arbitrage on Bitsgap, you need to click to trade for each individual profitable arbitrage detected. This makes the investments more steady and secure on one hand, but on the other hand, it slows down the profit-making pace. Bitsgap does have an advantage over other crypto bots in the ability to set up stop-losses and a ‘trailing up’ option. Stop-losses aim to minimize losses in case the trade goes against the bot. And the trailing up feature moves the entire grid upwards if the price continues to increase.