3Commas grid bot review

3Commas grid bot review

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3Commas grid bot review


If you are an experienced cryptocurrency trader, you probably heard of 3Commas — a company offering various services to help traders make more money. Recently, they released a new product and created an AI grid bot. In this article, we will review the grid bot and discuss its features and how it can help traders make more money.

What is 3Commas grid bot

Grid bot is an automated trading bot designed to support grid strategies on the cryptocurrency markets. Automated trading bots allow users to set up and execute grid strategies directly from their exchange account. This makes grid trading more accessible to traders who may not have the resources or skillset needed for manual grid trading. The grid bot allows for scaling grid levels, spacing, and size to allow full flexibility in grid trading. The grid bot also has a built-in safety feature that helps protect users from taking on too much risk. These features make the grid bot by 3Commas ideal for automated grid traders.

How a grid bot works

Grid bot is an automated trading bot developed by 3Commas. It allows users to customize grid strategies that can be used with any exchange account. Grid bots use algorithmic trading strategies built on the grid configuration and grid break-even logic.

The grid configuration sets the different purchase points for each order. The grid break-even logic monitors the average position price and closes out positions at a predetermined point when the price reaches its target.

As grid bots operate automatically, they reduce risk and maximize profits from changes in market conditions. They also provide added flexibility, as users can easily adjust their grid settings to match their preferred trade strategy. By utilizing grid bots, users can save time and minimize losses due to mistakes caused by manual trading.

Example of grid bot strategy

Grid bot is an automated trading bot for exchange accounts. The grid bot strategy follows a grid pattern based on the available market data. It places orders at various intervals to capture small profits from the fluctuation of price movements in the market.

The grid bot strategy starts when the user sets up their grid points and specifies the profit target for each grid point. Each grid point has parameters such as the type of asset, quantity, buy price range, sell price range, etc., which define what kind of orders would be placed by the grid bot.

When activated, this automated trading bot will place regular buy & sell orders at every grid point that it finds profitable according to its pre-determined criteria. These grid trades are placed until the grid bot has achieved its target profit. At this point, trading bots will stop placing further orders and wait for another opportunity to trade again.

The grid bot strategy allows traders to take advantage of small fluctuations in price movements that may occur when markets are less active or volatile. It is an effective tool for those who want to capture quick profits while avoiding holding onto losing positions for long periods. This strategy also minimizes risk by allowing users to set parameters such as grid points and profit targets before executing any trades.

Advantages of grid bots

Advantages of grid bots

The advantages of grid bots are numerous and varied. They can provide automated trading, reducing the need for manual intervention. With grid bots, traders have the ability to quickly set up various grid orders simultaneously and across different exchanges. This allows them to maximize profit potential from multiple exchange accounts without manually entering each order individually.

Grid bots also have built-in risk management tools, allowing users to limit losses by setting stop-loss orders or other parameters as desired. Furthermore, grid bots provide a wide range of strategies that can be customized according to individual needs and preferences. Also, you can make your own bots. Lastly, grid bots can help traders save time since they do not require constant monitoring or frequent adjustments like traditional trading strategies may require. As such, grid bots are ideal for traders who want to maximize their profits while minimizing the time spent on manual trading.

Disadvantages of grid bots

Disadvantages of grid bots

The first disadvantage of a grid bot is the lack of customization. The bot is designed to execute trades according to preset parameters. This means that users cannot tweak any settings or customize the trading strategies used by the bot.

Another disadvantage of a grid bot is its reliance on external data sources such as CoinMarketCap and TradingView, which can sometimes be unreliable. As a result, there is a risk of incorrect execution due to inaccurate pricing information from these sources.

Finally, 3Commas grid bots use an ‘all-or-nothing’ approach, meaning that all trades must be executed for profit to be made. The entire operation will fail if one trade fails, resulting in a loss. This makes risk management difficult and can lead to sizable losses as well.

Overall, while 3Commas grid bots offer several advantages in terms of speed, automation, and ease of use, there are some caveats that users should be aware of before investing. Lack of customization options and reliance on external data sources could lead to inaccurate trades and sizeable losses if market conditions change unexpectedly. Additionally, the ‘all-or-nothing’ approach means that all trades must be successful for any profits to be made. As such, careful risk management is essential when using these bots.

How does AI strategy work

So, here is a brief explanation of how the AI strategy works. This grid bot computes the coin’s volatility in the previous seven days. After that, the bot calculates the lower and upper channel or range limits for internal swing trading.

The Grid Bot splits the quantity delegated to your selected trading pair and generates a grid of restricted buy and sell orders within your chosen channel. As a result, the bot will sell X and profit in Y whenever the price crosses one of the lines above the current price. It will buy Y if the price falls. And so on indefinitely, provided the price remains within the channel. As you can see, employing an AI strategy can be highly beneficial.

Manual mode

In manual strategy mode, you can individually modify the budget range, the amount of grid systems, the lower limit value, and the distance among them. With adequate knowledge, these modifications will enable you to enhance the manual strategy.

When trading in manual mode with the Grid Bot, keep in mind that the minimum range among grid systems has to be larger than the maximum of the commission multiplied by two (commission for buying and selling) for the bot to be profitable.

How to set up the 3Commas grid bot

The setup process is straightforward and can be completed in just a few steps. The first step is to create an account on 3Commas, which you can do from its website. Once your account is set up, you need to link it with your exchange of choice. This process involves authorizing API keys for the exchanges you want to use with 3Commas.

3Commas supports some of the most popular exchanges, including Binance and Bitfinex. Once your account is linked with an exchange, you can start creating and running your grid bot. To do this, you will need to select a trading pair and set up parameters such as the grid size, order quantity, stop loss levels, take profit levels, upper limit, and another setting. You can also set the grid bot to buy or sell depending on the market conditions.

Once your grid bot is set up and running, you can view its real-time performance. This data can help you adjust parameters if your trading strategy isn’t performing as expected.

How to track the Bot’s performance

Tracking a Bot’s performance is essential for traders looking to get the most out of their investment. With 3Commas, traders can track their Bot’s performance in real-time, with comprehensive features that allow them to monitor and react quickly.

The Grid Bot allows traders to select positions on multiple exchange accounts and analyze how each position performs. This helps them make better decisions on when to enter and exit trades. To keep an eye on each position, users can take advantage of 3Commas’ visual tracking tools: Overviews, Charts & Stats, and Trades History.

Overviews give users a rundown of all their positions, enabling them to see which positions are performing well and which ones need to be adjusted. Charts & Stats provide detailed statistics on each position, such as daily profit/loss and average entry & exit prices. Finally, the Trades History feature allows users to review their historical trades in-depth and spot any potential mistakes or opportunities missed.


Can I make money with a Grid Trading Bot?

The answer is yes, but it’s important to understand how the system works and what kind of risk you take. Grid trading bots use a complex algorithm to trade multiple pairs at once automatically. This allows them to capitalize on small market changes while keeping their risk low. The key benefit of using grid trading bots is that they can help traders to diversify their portfolios and reduce the risk of their trades.
However, there are some risks associated with using grid trading bots. For example, if the algorithm is not configured correctly, it may create losses instead of profits. Additionally, it’s important to remember that grid trading bots are automated systems, so traders must monitor them and make adjustments as necessary.

What are 3Commas Grid Bot fees?

The fee structure for the Grid Bot depends on the number of orders placed. For each order placed, there is a fee of 0.50% of the total transaction size. If you place 10 orders, you’ll be charged 1% of the total transaction size. Additionally, 3Commas charges a one-time setup fee when you create AI grid bot, each one, when you first sign up.

When should I stop grid trading bots?

This is a question that many traders ask when delving into the world of automated trading strategies. Grid trading bots are an incredibly powerful tool for those that understand how to use them correctly, but they can be challenging to manage and require a great deal of attention.
Risk management is the most important thing to consider when using grid trading bots. Set up limits for the bot so that it does not exceed your desired risk exposure. This will prevent you from experiencing unexpected losses due to the volatility of markets. Additionally, monitoring your positions closely and adjusting them as needed to maximize profits and minimize losses is essential.
Another factor to consider is market conditions. If the market is highly volatile, it may be necessary to adjust your grid parameters to ensure that you are not exposed to too much risk. On the other hand, if the market is relatively stable, it may be possible to use a more aggressive trading strategy.
Finally, it is essential to remember that grid trading bots should only be used for short-term trades. While they can be incredibly profitable, there is always the potential for significant losses if the market moves against you. Therefore, it is vital to use these bots with a long-term view in mind and set limits accordingly to minimize your risk.